Station-Drivers switches to Joomla and gets a facelift

Station-Drivers, one of my all-time favorite site when it comes to drivers – o be honest the page always looked like garbage (no offensive!) finally gets a facelift. My French neighbors updating their sites to a new Joomla version. This brings several improvements.

New Favicon and a cleaner look but still under constructions (for several days).

Website change with problems

My French is not really good but I can read the emotes from the announcement thread and saw several days ago that the page went offline for several hours while I was searching for a specific firmware.

That said the website isn’t finished yet and the webmaster seems to have as much knowledge from website/HTML like me … almost zero. Usually, it takes only several hours, maybe 1 or 2 days maximum to migrate, but well I can’t judge anyone I’m also struggling with my website so I feel you Station-drivers!

The first look is good but still no SSL?

When I saw the new interface I instantly liked it and I’m not really a Joomla fan cause their themes are usually outdated but this clean one is something which isn’t hurting my eyes (okay, maybe the whiteness).

But the big question is why isn’t there any SSL? You get the certificate for free via e.g. Let’s Encrypt. I totally aware that there are no ‘important’ user data stored but it also hurts the page rank since Google & Co. preferring encrypted pages which then getting a higher rank in the search. This really makes me wonder but maybe in its final form, we see the green icon .. who knows?

I, however, wish Station-Drivers at this point good luck and I hope you guys can bring the page bag with a good facelift to get more followers. Welp! Speaking of followers or registered user, it would be cool if the admin could finally unlock my account, I’m still in the queue since around 6 years or so. I also (before I was aware that they switch the CMS) tried to re-register me with another email but without luck, so hopefully this process will change in the future to get more attention because I think the community and the page could be better with the ‘right’ people behind it.


Another point I often see is that the forum speaks and writes English while a lot of stuff on the page is mixed in French and English which might scare some people away. Well, personally I’m not really annoyed by seeing some French sentences here and there but I only can hope this will also be switched to ‘English only’.

First – but not a final conclusion

The new interface (so far) is still unfinished and bugged but it already looks better, the page isn’t yellowish anymore. I really hate yellow, don’t ask me why, it’s like white just hurting my eyes and looks somewhat outdated or gives me the impression the webmaster has abandoned his page. This will hopefully all be changed in the near future.

I wish Station-Drivers as already mentioned good luck. love