Blockchain: ADAMANT Messenger – Claims to be the most secure and anonymous messenger

ADAMANT (yes the good stuff is always in upper letters) is another alternative messenger with the promise to be the most secure and anonymous messenger. It’s the first blockchain based messenger and looks promising. The project was created to address the issues of data confidentiality and security provided by users and transmitted through messages within the used messenger.

ADAMANT Messenger Logo. Picture Source:


Remember, the ADAMANT Messenger is still in early stages of development.

Claims to be the most secure and anonymous messenger with the following features:

  • Trusted. Open-source project hosted on GitHub.
  • The only one which is fully Blockchain-powered
  • Integrated in-chat payments in ETH, BTC, LSK, etc.
  • Comprehensive system architecture
  • Get welcome 0.49 ADM token for free messaging now
  • ADM Wallets grow by 5% every month until all of unsold tokens distributed
  • Based on Depp (Lisk (LSK) currency). See Lisk Blog.
  • Is the first blockchain-based messenger

Blockchain Messenger a good idea? I have doubts!

Who wants to store everyone else’s messages, and worse, store them forever? All messages are stored on the blockchain are forever, and users have to pay fees to put them there. It’s an inferior product to even BitMessage, which is actually anonymous (hiding the addresses of both senders and recipients) and came out several years ago.

The problem I see is that once blockchain gets hacked everything is compromised of course right now this is more a theoretical thing but we already know that NSA tried to compromise blockchain. Secure now doesn’t mean secure tomorrow. You cannot update or improve the encryption on items stored in an immutable object like a blockchain.

There is already a Reddit thread answering several concerns regarding my doubts.

How does it work?

Adamant Messenger ICO allows making payments and distributing ICO tokens within the messenger chat. Adamant wallet grows by 5% with the increase in the distribution of ICO tokens. As the Adamant business advances, digital signing is being implemented to make payment systems convenient and so reduce the costs of transacting internally. An ADM transfer system reduces transaction costs with fast execution.

  • ADAMANT has an integrated payment system that allows making payment and transfer of tokens directly within the chat.
  • ADAMANT is also useful for business communications.
  • ADAMANT estimates average messages per day as about 100,000 per day after about a year. This is compared to WhatsApp or Telegram nothing.
  • ADAMANT use the blockchain as a Tor + Data Storage.
  • It is certainly something new to the instant messaging market, but to be honest this app is not made for just anybody. It’s made for the 1%, the people that have secrets they want to hide, and those that are in need of a secure way to communicate.
  • The team at ADAMANT is accepting a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, at a minimal investment of 2 ETH (or any equivalent value).


ADAMANT doesn’t need an email or phone registration, you generate your own passphrase and that will from then act as your login. Other information like your wallet address can be found under the ‘Wallet’ option.

ADAMANT itself requires cookies/local DOM storage and JavaScript in order to do the background work, the ‘workers’ Browser API should also not be blocked or you won’t receive any messages.

All modern Browsers are supported, same goes for the applications there not much restrictions given in fact every Browser or OS from the last 8 years should work without any problem.


ADAMANT using Messenger
You can log in with your existent passphrase or create a new one. Oh and before you try to use mine now, I removed the last two words from this screenshot.
The chat, did I mentioned I hate white cause it hurts my eyes? Welcome, the two welcome rooms appear after some time and there is information in how the ICO and Wallet works.
ADAMANT wallet
The Wallet menu, emotes or black background? Nope, this is for big fellas! Clean and white…
ADAMANT Settings
Hell no, there is no option for a black or darker background and awesome emotes.

That’s pretty much it. The Adamant icon is blinking on your opened Browser tab all the time in order to notify you that it’s connected and running.

‘Start new Chat’ reveals this menu. If you got an address then paste it into it to join a conversation. The scan (little server icon) never found anything even after waiting 2 hours.

There is overall nothing much to show, it’s clean and white. I hope I already mentioned it’s white because I currently have some problems with my eyes….

Yeah, I mean it’s a design made for business folks so don’t expect some fancy stuff. It’s to communicate securely and that’s it, there is (currently) no Webcam or VoIP or stuff like that.

Overall boring and yeah, I almost fall asleep seen the interface. Of course it’s all a matter of taste and perspective but it’s for sure no alternative to other messengers when it comes to design, however this still could be changed in future versions.

Comparison with other Messenger

ADAMANT Messenger Comparison
Read page 10 from the whitepaper. Picture Source: ADAMANT  (old chart)

So my private messages are stored forever – holy!

Yes, but they are encrypted end-to-end so it’s completely useless to anyone unless someone gets your keys (in theory if there is no exploit to bypass something).

Every message sent through the service has a token cost attached to it. 0.005 ADM to be precise. Personally, I think it is a fair price to pay for sending a completely encrypted, secure, and untrackable message. On paper, this seems okay.

The token uses a DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) system to generate new tokens and they have the entire scheme outlined in their whitepaper. There you can also learn more about the system, the new blockchain, and the team behind this amazing project.

My comment

At this point, I should mention that there will be no conclusion for me in this overview because the project is really young and it keeps getting changes. 

Call me stupid but I did not like the messenger, the concept, and the page is really good without any doubt but I had huge troubles using it. Started with the fact that I couldn’t link my created room (found no option?) or that I couldn’t found anyone on the integrated list/rooms to test this messenger with so it ended up that my Browser had an almost white room loaded with nothing in it.

Maybe (because I’m not involved in the entire blockchain ‘thingy’) I just needed more time but I pretty fast gave up on using it. I feel like adamant is advertising their product to the wrong crowd, in my opinion, it’s not a replacement for WA & Co, more for blockchain folks (well, which makes sense since it uses blockchain technology).

The concept and the idea is interesting but I have a bad feeling that much people will accept it, no matter how good the concept is, most people are already using WhatsApp & Co and it’s almost impossible to make them switch with something which has less features. We had this already with Telegram and Threema, people are only switching when there is another data breach or if you explain them in detail why they should make the switch and even then it mostly takes time or they only slowly making the switch.

I will monitor this project through the CK-Chain (haha) and hope I see more features and a better explanation directly on the Website why people should e.g. make the switch from WhatsApp because in my opinion, a chart makes the average Joe not switch especially not without any more details when it comes to features. The marketing in other words has to be more precise here which people are the real target this is somewhat unclear on the Website.

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