How To Install gpedit (Group Policy Editor) for Windows Starter Edition, Home and Home Premium without any tools

There tons of guides out there which are all telling you that you need to download additional files or programs in order to get gpedit.msc on your Windows Home Edition – this is definitely wrong, Windows 10 already comes with all the files you need, it’s simply a bit hidden to find and requires deeper digging in order to solve the puzzle but it’s possible.

Windows 10 Home Edition gpedit

Fewer tools and more brain

Windows at least Windows 10 Home Edition comes with the Group Policy Editor packages, but it is simply disabled by default. You can install it just like any other optional feature via Microsoft own dism utility (it’s included).

The process in some easy steps

The Group Policy packages  files can be found under:

With filenames matching:

And command for installing would follow the following format:

dism /online /norestart /add-package:"%SystemRoot%\servicing\Packages{{PackageFileName}}"

/online used to tell DISM to apply it to the running Windows

/norestart tells DISM not to do an automatic reboot

After installing the ‘missing‘ packages with DISM utility gpedit.msc will be available under Windows 10 Home Editions. You definitely not need to download an external executable that you have to blindly trust.


If you’re unsure check the folder which files are present:

The filename in the dism command must correspond with the existent package, the name might change from time to time due updates or while you upgraded Windows to a recent versions.

Closing Words

It requires not even 5 minutes and you can ‘pimp’ your Home Edition in order to gain some more control over the OS because it allows you to do certain things like changing some policy regardings how your OS handles several things, e.g. automatically Windows Updates or app updates and many more.

The benefit here is obvious you don’t have to download any files which reduce the malware risk by 100%.

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