Amazon starting to banning shoppers who return items too often

The Wall Street Journal has sparked another round of stories regarding Amazon customers who have been banned for making too many returns. It isn’t clear what the exact metric is, though some say that an account will be flagged if the return rate exceeds 10%. Some people already claiming its much much lower than 10%.

Amazon shopping

How you return the item(s) is also important

A lot of people return used items after they changed their mind, however they pick the options to get a full refund + free return shipping and mark it as “defective”. Instead, you should be eating the cost of paying return shipping.

“If your behavior is consistently outside the norm, you’re not really the kind of customer they want,” former Amazon manager James Thomson said.

Why isn’t Amazon banning fakers?

There are way too many sketchy fakes on Amazon, it’s being overrun with horrible Chinese knockoffs. Other websites need to fix this, like fakespot. In my oppinion, Amazon should take more care about fake sellers and scammers so fewer people would return something.

No only Amazon is banning

A lot of other retailers do this as well. For example, Best Buy and Walmart track returns (even with a receipt) and will ban you from returning items after you hit a certain amount. A friend, for example, purchased a TV from Best Buy, which didn’t fit on the mount he had, so he returned it and bought a different one. That TV was defective out of the box new, so he had to exchange it for another TV (different model, other was sold out) and that receipt came with a disclaimer on it saying he had one return left until some date, and after that return, he would no longer be allowed to return any items to the store. WTF?

EU Consumer law is pretty awesome.

My Comment

It sucks there are people who abuse this so bad. But I hope they don’t take it too far, as their generous return policy is why I feel confident buying things I’m not sure about from there. I’m sure it creates a loss of profit in some places, but they have to consider that there are a lot of purchases that would have never happened if not for this return policy. For example, you never know how clothes will fit if I wasn’t able to return them I’d never order from Amazon.