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My next VPN provider will be…

I’m a VPN user since more than 20 years now and I tried most of the top ones personally I can’t tell many negative things about what I’ve seen so far, NordVPN, ProtonVPN, PIA and others doing a good job. Some providers are slower or faster, some have different jurisdiction and at the end, you never know what they really see and if they hold their promises – it’s more a game about words, trust and marketing phrases. There some charts which are often outdated or incorrect, the most accurate you will find is this one but at the end, you need to test out how their service performs at your end.



I often test some VPN’s in trial mode or in a test phase in order to see if they hold what they promise, sometimes I even pay for them and after my test is finished I want my money back, well it’s not the best practice but you can check if there is a difference between ‘free’ and ‘paid. I did this with like 50 providers over the years to check them out and write about them.

PIA + Proton VPN is a part of my daily Internet usage

I mostly use PIA on my Router and Proton VPN on the client side when I need to switch or test something. I really like this setup and I I trust both providers. I know that some people might say now ‘… but PIA is US’ – well, let me say that the server location doesn’t matter since we know that NSA and FBI want to collect all data from around the globe and not only from the US, that said there is no gurantee that other countries not log the same, almost all countries have (officially) an own program (Five, Fourteen, Nine, Cooperative and what not) and (inofficially) all other might also build their own programs or work with others together (you never know). However, the encrypted was especially on PIA always strong and no one so far revealed that they log something. Proton VPN is quite ‘new’ compared to PIA but they provide reasonable information how they handle their servers, encryption and what they do in order to protect you which gives you some kind of a trust feeling.

 … Perfect Privacy

So why do I need or want a switch? Did something happened, let me say, no I still recommend PIA and Proton in the first place cause both are big players and their overall speed was okay-ish. It should be mentioned that the server load is always different because on someday it’s faster because there no new Jennifer Lawrence nudes and on another day it’s slower because there was maybe something that people want to download – maybe a forced Windows upgrade, who knows?!

I tested perfect Privacy now for a long time, like 3 months and I have to admit I was impressed, the support was really good, of course, there always good examples and people which saying ‘everything is shit’ but that is quite normal.

Perfect Privacy is not as cheap as other VPN providers, that’s for sure. However, I’ willingly to pay the money if they hold what they promise and from what I can see they are trustable. The speed and latency is also not bad, same as almost all others they have a huge FAQ which already explains the most stuff. One of the bigger reason is that I like to switch over to IPv6 and PIA blocks IPv6 (leak protection on) and Perfect Privacy is hardened when it comes to IPv6 security.

The company says it doesn’t store or logs user data. Instead, according to their website, it stores log files temporarily on RAM disks. There, it is erased forever whenever the storage server shuts down. Perfect Privacy touts this strategy as a defence against attempts to force it to reveal users’ data.

On Windows and on Ubuntu Linux, Perfect Privacy provides a very rich and easy user experience. Rather than requiring users to use a generic VPN client to connect, it provides a custom application with an intuitive interface that lets users configure VPN cascading, set up port forwarding and more.

So overall they provide lots of (more or less) usefully features for power users like me and that’s what I always search for.

That’s basically it

With this announcement given I will do a giveaway in order to give someone my PIA and Proton VPN account. I’m not sure when this will happen because I must first ensure my private information gets changed but I expect this to happen this summer.

24 Month PP here I come! cool

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I think it’s not really good to use big players like PIA since state actors are more likely to target them. It’s better to look for a small but trustworthy player, if there are any.

Perfect privacy is so expensive by the way 😦


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