Firefox Focus: The privacy browser which collects and sells your data

I’m in general not a friend of any Mods or Forks which claiming there ‘more secure’ because that is mostly a marketing phrase and you should not believe anything without seeing a review or a detailed analysis. Firefox Focus collects your data and it’s a shame that Mozilla doesn’t respond to this.


The Android app in the Sore still claims to be a ‘privacy’ focused Browser.


Data going to Adjust

Mozilla’s official page is not really transparent here, there only saying that are data are been collected but they won’t tell you that these data are sold to big-data specialist Adjust, there known for tracking and analytics services.

“Like most web browsers, Klar keeps a local copy of your browsing history during a browsing session. […] This browsing history does not get sent to Mozilla or Adjust through the Adjust SDK,” Mozilla says.

This is a big fat lie as clearly explained over here.

  • Mozilla uses a third-party software development kit by German company adjust GmBH that it built into Firefox Focus that is connected to a data collecting Internet service backend run by Adjust GmBH.
  • Data is sent to the adjust backend, not to Mozilla.
  • For new installs, an “anonymous ‘attribution’ request is sent to adjust servers containing information on how the app was downloaded. Data includes an advertising ID, IP address, timestamp, country, language and locale, operating system, and app version.
  • Firefox Focus furthermore sends anonymous summaries “occasionally” that reveal “how often the application has been used“. The summaries include information on “whether the app has been in active use recently and when”. Additionally, the data will reveal features of the application that have been used.

Firefox Focus: turn of data collecting

You can turn off the anonymous data collecting of Firefox Focus by tapping on the settings icon, and flipping the switch next to “send anonymous usage data” to off. The problem here is that even if you turn it off the unique ID during the installation is sent away and possible more until you restarted the Browser.


Closing Words

Mozilla’s new motto: “If ya can’t beat ’em, Join them!” And if you have no own concept just invent the wheel new and call it ‘better’.

The Browser does collect data even I could see this on my Android test device, even if they still deny it.

Firefox has always had telemetry enabled by default for as long as I remember. Every time I install Firefox on a new computer it displays a warning about reporting anonymous usage data, that I can disable. This needs to improved in my option especially to make it clear who gets such data and what they do with it.


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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I think firefox users are more privacy concerned than other browsers users. Mozilla should be kept in line.


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