Firefox 63 gets a Anti-Mining Protection

Mozilla developers are working on an improved Tracking Protection system for the Firefox browser that will land in version 63, scheduled for release in mid October.


Firefox 63 with improved Cryptojacking Protection

Tracking Protection is a feature that blocks Firefox from loading scripts from abusive trackers. It was first launched with Firefox’s Private Browsing mode a few years back, but since Firefox 57, released in November 2017, users can enable it for normal browsing sessions at any time.

Firefox Cryptojacking

The Firefox browser’s Settings > Privacy section now features an enhanced Tracking Protection panel that also allows users to select what anti-tracking features they can enable. Basically, that’s nothing new, the idea is already implemented since years in any modern Ad-Blocker.

While Tracking Protection has always blocked advertising, analytics, and social sharing scripts Firefox 63 also gets a new and ‘improved’ Tracking Protection which also receive support for blocking user fingerprinting scripts and in-browser miners (cryptojackers).

Overview of Firefox Tracking Protection in v63. Picture Source: Mozilla

Closing Words

Personally, I’m not impressed about Mozilla’s so-called ‘anti-tracking’ efforts, this is nothing but what AdBlock or uBlock already delivering since years, Opera (Chromium based) had it first directly integrated into the Browser and now Mozilla sees that this a new Marketing strategy to win possible new users. Instead of implementing and contacting the developers of uBlock & Co to hire them, they cook something on their own which is not as powerful as the current adblock solutions.

You better install uBlock or use a Pi-Hole, that provides ‘more’ here. Since it blocks any trackers – based on your installed filter lists – in the first place and is not depending on Mozilla.

I overall see this as an effort for people which don’t use any adblockers but that’s it. I’m not sure if this also helps over the long run, new malware tricks are already on the horizon.

However, I, in general, have the opinion that every Browser should natively integrate a powerful adblocking solution and let users decide which filterlist they subscribe or not subscribe but we all know this will never happen. popeanim



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What can they do about fingerprinting? It’s the biggest headache for people. If you go too far, you’ll break many sites. If you do too much, you’ll still have unique fingerprint. If you do too little, you’ll still be identifiable. Duh.


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