nVidia’s latest 397.93 Driver needs the GeForce Experience folder in it to de-bloat it

nVidia released today another driver, besides the usual bugfixes it has something new in it, the Setup requires now – no matter what – you to keep the GeForce Experience folder within the same dir as the Setup.exe – or you get an error. Before someone cries, it’s because changes of the Setup.exe itself – it now checks and gives you a new advance information what you like to install or not, which includes GeForce Experience directly.


Why the new change?

Like every other software and application for your smartphone, you might get recently new updates in order to fit with the EU new data privacy law which should make it easier for customers to see if and what data are been collected to be more transparent. This is not only limited to software it also affects me and every other blog.

The good news is that the Experience Improvement Program got removed from the NVIDIA Control Panel. The fun thing here is that they added new telemetry.

nVidia new telemetry

What does this mean if you like to ‘de-bloat’ your driver?

Basically, you need to keep the following files now in order to prevent this error.

Repack error due to GFExperience removal
This error appears if you remove GeForce Experience folder. Setup.exe complaints.


This is how you ‘clean’ driver folder should look like, you can extract the driver package with 7-Zip or Winrar and then just keep the files and folder structure as shown in this picture.

Delete everything from the GFExperience folder except

  • PrivacyPolicy
  • EULA.txt
  • EULA.html
  • FunctionalConsent_en-US.txt (keep the corresponding files according to your OS language in this example en_US)


Open setup.cfg in Notepad and remove these three lines at the bottom:

<file name=”${{EulaHtmlFile}}”/>
<file name=”${{FunctionalConsentFile}}”/>
<file name=”${{PrivacyPolicyFile}}”/>

Remove GFExperience

This bypasses the restriction to keep the folder (and some files).

Will GeForce Experience still be installed?

No, the software is greyed out automatically, but if you choose the advanced installation option you also see it.


I think it’s not a dramatic change, it’s a bit annoying that the driver repacks getting bigger but that’s all. The rest stays the same, no telemetry or other stuff you don’t need.

Closing Words

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the EU is a good thing, it brings more transparency into software, blogs and everything which is connected to the internet. Sadly the USA or China are against such laws – maybe because they have something to hide? – but who really knows. I like that everything stays how it is in terms of repacking the driver, it’s still an easy-peasy 2 minutes step but if you’re still too lazy to do it yourself, I always provide my own repacks in my nVidia repo. You will find the new repacks under the ‘Releases’ tab.



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