1 Year later: Me vs. G.Skill and the reason I won’t support them anymore

G.Skill has some good hardware, without any doubt, the RAM they have to offer is same like their gaming mouse not that bad but what I have to say when it comes to the support is nothing but bad (for G.Skill). G.Skill reminds me a bit of the story I had with NZXT and their CAM software – read the full story here. Both are very similar the hardware is good but the software has some room for improvements, the worst part is that both including telemetry in their software and there is not much you can do about, blocking it with a firewall mostly doesn’t help or it breaks the login (CAM software can work without any login but it’s limited in function).

G.Skill worst support

The story in short

I purchased in 2016 a gaming mouse (RIPJAWS MX78) and the hardware and quality overall was and still is good. The software is more than problematically, and since I found out that there some issue with it I tried to contact G.Skill via Email but without getting any response back. So what I did? I started a forum post about some (not even all) problems the software has and I got a response.

The support promised after some talk that the software gets a re-write in another programming language. So I waited and I checked the product page once in a month, now I realized an entire year has passed without anything, no response or update. Speaking about the integrated update mechanism it doesn’t work – just go ahead install the software and included driver, press the update button and you will realize your firewall doesn’t even show anything, well simply because there is no update URL integrated.

G.Skill bugs
The integrated updater doesn’t even connect to the internet and causes (for a short time) memory leaks which cause the mouse cursor to hang.

The software itself is same as the forum very outdated, there huge coding flaws and mistakes done and it’s really a shame that you pay that much for a mouse and won’t get any updates. Windows itself has changed dramatically since then and updates are urgent in order to keep up with the changes.

Forum and Support

G.SKill’s forum is awful, I really like a black background but it’s way too dark even for my taste to read the text. And it’s not enough there is no HTTPS connection (it’s 2018 guys) and you get free Letsencrypt certificates for free. Since I’m writing this G.Skill changed the main page already to use HTTPS (I checked it 4 weeks ago and it still was HTTP) and some changed related to how the products are advertised. It’s okay to change the main page and to make it look like that it gets maintained but behind the scene, there is simply no support at all.

This is really disappointing and the reason I can’t recommend G.SKill to anyone, the hardware is pointless if the software cripples your OS or has some huge flaws which affect the overall system performance.


It’s shocking that since over one year nothing happened, seems no one really cares, the forum looks abandoned and the support did nothing to contact me in order to solve the issue. I even would help when they would provide me with some source code but that will never happen – because then I would show and reveal more flaws.

IMO the entire forum and their support together with their software would require a reboot. What will be my next mouse? Well, something from Corsair – that’s for sure. cool