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CK’s Technology News migration to GitHub

Here some news about my website and the current status for those who are interested what I’m doing in my ‘free’ time. Well basically reading, reading and coffee drinking. Besides my daily routine, I always try to improve my Blog and my articles however, I was never really happy with WordPress and so I decided about 2 months ago to migrate to GitHub. I’m mostly 80% of my free time anyway on GitHub pushing commits, talking with others about interesting things I like and what I think could be improved. So the migration to the biggest source code platform is not really a surprise for those who’re following me.



WireGuard already outperforms OpenVPN

Today I did a short test of running WireGuard on my ASUS RT-AC86U test router, following the instructions I found in the Smallnetbuilder forum. After 2 hours it finally worked with small changes which I made to the config. After I was finished with playing around I did some speed tests to compare it’s current state with OpenVPN. The result is already amazing, and this for something which isn’t even in his final form! Whoho like a Dragon which is waiting to get unleashed!

Wireguard Test

AMD Security

AMD’s virtual machine encryption bypassed – NOPE!

AMD’s Epyc server chips utilize Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) to automatically encrypt virtual machines on the fly while stored in memory, but researchers now say that they can get around it with a technique dubbed SEVer: “miscreants at the host level can alter a guest’s physical memory mappings, using standard page tables, so that the SEV mechanism fails to properly isolate and scramble parts of the VM in RAM“.

AMD Epyc
AMD Epyc CPU: Picture Source: AMD Press Conference

Blockchain: ADAMANT Messenger – Claims to be the most secure and anonymous messenger

ADAMANT (yes the good stuff is always in upper letters) is another alternative messenger with the promise to be the most secure and anonymous messenger. It’s the first blockchain based messenger and looks promising. The project was created to address the issues of data confidentiality and security provided by users and transmitted through messages within the used messenger.

ADAMANT Messenger Logo. Picture Source:

Rumor: 12-16 Core Ryzen CPUs to AM4 in 2019 possible?

The latest rumor is from (yet again) coming from WCCFTech so please take it with a grain of salt, that AMD will make an AM4 socket which detects CPUs with more than 8 cores, Some voices even saying 12- and 16-core CPUs. WCCFTech mentioned “according to private conversations we’ve had with incredibly knowledgeable people in the industry the actual core count figure might be closer to 12 cores” and not the 16C/32T that we’re hearing with the latest rumors.

AMD Ryzen 3700
AMD Roadmap so far. Picture Source: AMD
data breach

Ad-Blocker Ghostery reveals hundreds of User Email Addresses

Ad-blocking tool Ghostery suffered from a pretty impressive, self-inflicted screwup Friday when the privacy-minded company accidentally CCed hundreds of its users in an email, revealing their addresses to all recipients.



Reasons to use OpenVPN Client instead of your providers VPN Client

I got an interesting email today, someone asked me why I often speak about OpenVPN and what’s wrong with the VPN software your VPN Service has to offer. First of all, the software which your VPN service might offer is already based on OpenVPN or it’s tap driver in order to create a tunnel interface. Second, most if not all external software logs and collects debug logs which are often hard to disable, some providers send this back in order to see some things, like which server you prefer and more.

About OpenVPN


Amazon starting to banning shoppers who return items too often

The Wall Street Journal has sparked another round of stories regarding Amazon customers who have been banned for making too many returns. It isn’t clear what the exact metric is, though some say that an account will be flagged if the return rate exceeds 10%. Some people already claiming its much much lower than 10%.

Amazon shopping


Bitcoin Variants – Why there are so many of them?

There are plenty of cryptocurrencies around, and you can even create one yourself in minutes. Out of all these cryptocurrencies, there are plenty that come with the “Bitcoin” label that you will think are associated with Bitcoin.


Picture Source: