Shhh don’t say a word against XprivacyLUA or else…

I’m forced to write another article about XPrivacyLUA because the developer M66B decided to answer me with even more false information in his own XDA thread. In other words, he claimed my previous article – or parts of it – are wrong. Marcel Bokhorst reacted in order to correct my statements I did in my article. He decided to go the ‘bitch way’ which means instead of leaving a comment on my Blog article or trying to contact me directly he simply wrote it into his thread, as a result I get the consequences which force me to debunk some ‘privacy’ myths and comment on his ridiculous tries to defend a weak module.

Picture Source: Biaatlas Blog

How Advertising Malware smuggles Malware into the Google Play Store

“Always download apps from the official app store.” – that’s what people arguing in order to stay away from malware but is this true? Several malware was already found during the past years within the official Store, Google reacted and hardened their systems, as a result, your device gets regularly scanned in order to find malware apps. Google also increased their own security mechanism, so their contribution rules and app restrictions in order to prevent bad people abusing some permissions are a bit better restricted.

Google Malware
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The NSA does not need Backdoors

There are often rumors and wrong statements when it comes to the backdoor discussion, some people say that NSA and other agencies definitely need backdoors in encryption or software in order to get the data. This myth seems now debunked based on the article from Wired which comes with the title: The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say).



Playstation 4 Emulator on the horizon

Orbital is AlexAltea (Alexandro Sanchez) latest GitHub project which virtualize the PS 4 1.76 kernel to get the Playstation 4 emulation running (LLE emulation). One of the project goal is to get commercial games emulated under Windows, macOS and Linux.

Fake PS 4 emulator
Fake PS 4 Emulator. Picture Source:

nVidia ends x86 support and puts Femi-based GPU support to Legacy Status

NVIDIA has now official ended mainstream graphics driver support for Fermi-based GeForce GPUs. The company is also following up on their promise back from December 2017 about dropping mainstream driver support for 32-bit (x86) operating systems.

nVidia FEMI
Nvidias CEO with Femi GTX 480. Picture Source: nVidia Computex

YouTube Video Downloader Pro Review

YouTube Downloader Pro (short: YTD Pro) is a universal video download application which allows you to download and watch videos quickly. The original program started with YouTube support but in the meantime, the YTD Pro evolved and supported many other platforms like Facebook, PornHub, and others.



Are there any good Reddit shredder for overwriting comments?

Since Reddit is tracking it’s user more and more you might ask yourself which options you have in order to escape this permanent surveillance. There are a bunch of good scripts and utilities in to make Reddit’s life harder, delete your history and comments is a good start.


Windows 10

Microsoft does not broke the ability to disable web search in Windows 10 version 1803

There some ‘news’ which I need to react too because people asked me this night via eMail if it’s true or not that Microsoft broke Cortana’s Web Search function in Windows 10 which makes it impossible to disable it. Sadly the quality of GHacks is sinking more and more.

Windows Cortana WebSearch Redstone 4
After you made your changes ensure you use gpupdate /force or a restart in order to fully apply the Group Policy Editor changes.

The official Group policy editor still triggers one registry value, exactly the same way as it was in Redstone 3.


Microsoft released WinFile v10.0 File Manager source code on GitHub

Microsoft released their old File Manager from Windows NT 4.x (Windows ME) times as open source on GitHub. The project is licensed under MIT. Another pointless release if you ask me and maybe only a worthless try to win some trust back (=). Or is it really only to show what it was using the first File Manager programs back in the day – who really knows? The Windows File manager was originally released with Windows 3.0 in the early 1990s.

WinFile v10.0 File Manager
Picture Source: Commons by user Cedar101 (MIT license).