Far Cry 5: DENUVO V5.0 cracked after 19 Days

CPY did it once again they bypassed (yep, bypassed not crackedDenuvo’s latest copyright protection. It only took 19 days to bypass the latest anti-tamper technology.  This means you can play Far Cry 5 for free. This seems to be a new record, cause the old methods in order to bypass it got improved which made it easier to release something earlier.


How crackers might see Ubisoft’s effort to protect the games. Picture Source: Imgur


Denuvo is like XPrivacy LUA and AV products … pointless.

Well, the snake oil these days are strong, people still believe in Antivirus products, shitty apps and some even believe in a flat earth. Once again the cracking group CPY showed the world that if there is a will and enough effort everything can be bypassed. I think that nails it and it applies to everything if there is enough effort everything seems to be possible.

Many layers of protection bypassed

Far Cry 5 uses uPlay + VMP + EAC + Denuvo 5.0 x64 mechanism in order to protect the games from cracker. The bypass itself is only 65 kilobytes (kb) small, this was all in order to defeat everything. CPY released the first version 1.4 (but its bugged and says 1.2) of Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 game on torrent. An NFO file can be found here.

Denuvo 5.0 encrypts itself differently each time you try to debug it, technically it hasn’t already been cracked, also, it’s in VM Protect, which is even more complex to get around. But it’s not needed to crack something when you can go your way around, the Steam Client and Ubisoft Client uPlay still seems the weakest part which can be abused in order to let them think that it’s a legit purchased game.

Less protection = more FPS?

It’s questionable if the game has the same negative consequences as Assistant Creed Origins, which definitely runs better without any protection. I haven’t tested it myself (yet) but it seems that in theory, the game should run better with a stabilized framerate. Since the checks use some amount of RAM/CPU in order to verify the game files.

Some people already reported it works the same, cracked or not but I’m not so sure about it since different game versions are compared. Ubisoft could have optimized the game with more recent game files/versions.

Final Words

It blows my mind what they’re able to accomplish with such a small amount of data. Ubisoft spent millions of dollars to protect the game and a small group is still able to handle it pretty well. I only can say, good job CPY!

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Because the developer/author can’t provide any evidence that it work like he thinks.

An good example is spoofing GPS data, which was done when the entire Pokemon hype started. After thousends of people faked their data in order to catch rare pokemons in their region they started to identify and block those faked data and accounts. Which only is a proof that this doesn’t help. Encrypted GPS data can’t also be spoofed since you can’t inject (MITM) into the requested data, also not via any hook. Even if you spoof you data, they can triangulate your position (accuracy is like 10 km but better than nothing) the police often use this in order to catch people which trying to spoof the signal from the car they stole.

This is of course only one example of many, the author imply didn’t do proper research on the subject. He simply creates the module to gain money and because of what he said ‘it’s better than nothing’. Well, this is worthless effort and at the end you just help those who are tracking you because they will now pickup the XPL source code and try to detect the module and the methods for injection/hooking to close such loopholes.


Oooohh yeah! That’s so good chef!

What do you mean by bypassed and not cracked? In what ways is this different than CPY’s previous assassin’s creed origins crack?


Cracked = You can use same method/crack for other games too.
Bypassed = You need to ‘crack’ each game on it’s own again because the method which was used doesn’tr work the same for all 5.0 Denuvo games.

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