YouTube Video Downloader Pro Review

YouTube Downloader Pro (short: YTD Pro) is a universal video download application which allows you to download and watch videos quickly. The original program started with YouTube support but in the meantime, the YTD Pro evolved and supported many other platforms like Facebook, PornHub, and others.



The program needs minimum Windows XP in order to work but it also works on modern operating systems like Windows 10. There is currently no Linux or MacOS support. The Internet Explorer 6.0 requirement is only listed in case you have a very old OS or no other Browser such as Chrome, Edge or Firefox installed.

The setup installs the program, but you also can use the program in a portable mode. Just extract the files and start the ytd.exe.


YTD Pro Portable
The entire program with ffmpeg & co is under 30 MB.


Comparision between Pro and Basic

The developers made a chart which explains the key functions and the difference between a light (Basic) version and the Pro version.

Compare YTD VersionsFormat support

Basically, the utility supports the following formats, mp3, mp4, wmv, flv, mov, 3gp, avi. Other formats might be added in further versions in order to keep up with the changes several platforms made from time to time.

Program Usage

The URL grabber or clipboard grabber function detects all url’s automatically, you can also go ahead and manually input the url’s. This function is semi-optimal since there is no option or ability to block certain URL’s or domain’s in order to prevent automatically insertion.

YTD Pro Converter

The Pro function allows you to convert or deleted the original video, this is useful in case you like to watch the converted video on your iOS device. The converting process is done through the FFMPEG.exe. This feature is not different from all other converters since FFMPEG is the most well-known and free solution in order to convert any video.

The program does not bypass YouTube’s age restriction, if an video is protected you see a download error.


YTD Pro Activity

The activity tab shows you recently downloaded videos. After there downloaded you can delete or play them. Some basic buttons are given to control the media file. The open folder button opens the dir where the video was downloaded to.

Play Video Files

YTD Pro Play

Once you press the play button you get switched to this tab, which allows you to plat or seek forward/ backward from the downloaded video. It also shows you the download dir. The file history is stored as long you not deleted any of the downloaded videos, basically, it monitors the download folder in order to show the videos.

Help Button

The help button on the upper right corner acts like a menu, so you can switch the language or check for updates, show your license or open the official FAQ page etc.

YTD Pro Help Button

Some of these external links are also integrated in the bottom of the main window in order to show additional information about the YTD service and their privacy policy.

Do you need another tool in case you already use an external Download Manager?

In case you use Internet Download Manager, JDownloader & Co you simply don’t need such a program because they offering already a download function to get your videos from YouTube etc.

The program in my eyes only makes sense if you don’t have any external download manager or if you don’t like to install any Browser extensions or scripts. It’s, in my opinion, a program for beginners which quickly want to download some videos.

You also can download videos from external websites such as y2mate, but they might offer not as many features like high-resolution downloads or a converting feature. However, it’s up what you prefer.

Closing Words

Almost 25 € per year for this Pro YouTube download is a bit much in my opinion, for this money you get IDM Pro already in a lifetime license when it’s on discount. A lifetime license for this price would be okay.

There a lot of alternatives, like external websites, scripts, extensions or download manager (even for free) which does more or less all the same. As mentioned, you don’t need the program unless you explicitly looking for a solution to quickly download YouTube or other videos.

YTD Pro, however, is a good utility, it’s not open source but it worked decent enough and even beginners can use it out of the box without reading a lot of document papers. The program gets my partial recommendation due to the mentioned reasons.

The program itself doesn’t disqualify itself because of the fact that it costs money, but the license model and the that there are similar applications out which are open source and freeware a is a problem for those who are looking for the ‘best’ solution. Using YTD Pro can have it benefits because some websites contain ads or trying to track your etc. so an external program like this can come in handy but only if they’re not similar tools out there which are fully FOSS (which should be preferred).