nVidia ends x86 support and puts Femi-based GPU support to Legacy Status

NVIDIA has now official ended mainstream graphics driver support for Fermi-based GeForce GPUs. The company is also following up on their promise back from December 2017 about dropping mainstream driver support for 32-bit (x86) operating systems.

nVidia FEMI
Nvidias CEO with Femi GTX 480. Picture Source: nVidia Computex

No Game Ready improvements or other changes

nVidia will no longer receive Game Ready driver enhancements, performance optimizations or bugfixes. However, they still provide critical security updates will  through January 2019. The affected cards are listed here.

While the announcement mentions ‘Fermi series GeForce GPUs,’ the actual support plan specifies that mainstream driver support is limited to Kepler, Maxwell, and Pascal GPUs. So presumably all Fermi products are affected.

No mainstream support for 32-bit OS

nVidia also announced to drop mainstream driver support for 32-bit operating systems, as already announced in December 2017. Like Fermi, 32-bit operating systems will still receive critical security updates through January 2019. This update also encompasses GeForce Experience, which will no longer receive software updates for Windows 32-bit operating systems.

Closing words

8 years of support for a video card that’s damn impressive, for the PC/GPU business this is really long. I personally still admire Fermi architecture which is its structure has been being used on the Kepler, Maxwell and Pascal. They released that architecture 6 months late but it was in my opinion worth it. Since then, Nvidia always had very good results on the DX11 titles.

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