Microsoft released WinFile v10.0 File Manager source code on GitHub

Microsoft released their old File Manager from Windows NT 4.x (Windows ME) times as open source on GitHub. The project is licensed under MIT. Another pointless release if you ask me and maybe only a worthless try to win some trust back (=). Or is it really only to show what it was using the first File Manager programs back in the day – who really knows? The Windows File manager was originally released with Windows 3.0 in the early 1990s.

WinFile v10.0 File Manager
Picture Source: Commons by user Cedar101 (MIT license).

Modified source code on GitHub

You can see and review the source code on GitHub. Microsoft official admits that the source code was changed, so release the code without mention exactly which was changed or uploading the original last untouched source code is rather pointless.

  1. converted to Visual Studio solution; works on VS 2015 and 2017
  2. compiles and runs on 64-bit Windows (e.g., GetWindowLong -> GetWindowLongPtr, LONG -> LPARAM)
  3. added a few header files which were stored elsewhere in the NT source tree (e.g., wfext.h)
  4. deleted some unused files (e.g., winfile.def)
  5. converted 64-bit arithmetic from internal libraries to C
  6. converted internal shell APIs to public APIs (the primary reason the old version would not run)

Changes made compared to the original source.

The file manager program needs now minimum VS 2015 C++ Runtime in order to run, which didn’t exist back in Windows NT 4 times. If you still like to test the File Manager then go ahead, you can download it from the release section. People which are interested in contributing to the project can open an issue ticket in order to show their findings or create a pull request to submit their patches and changes to the source.

Closing Words

Sorry Microsoft, I’m all out of bubble gum and I have nothing good to say about this upload or release, because it’s waste of all our time. Now, after over 20 years, you release something modified in order to say: “look we are the greatest and there is no spying in our product” when the entire spying/telemetry argumentation/findings started with the hardcoded NSAKEY story to almost the same time.

Better don’t release something which no one uses or if someone really likes to use just upload the unmodified code and provide a second version which works under modern OS too but everything is better than this – for sure. 1YtzI9f

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