Windows 10

Microsoft does not broke the ability to disable web search in Windows 10 version 1803

There some ‘news’ which I need to react too because people asked me this night via eMail if it’s true or not that Microsoft broke Cortana’s Web Search function in Windows 10 which makes it impossible to disable it. Sadly the quality of GHacks is sinking more and more.

Windows Cortana WebSearch Redstone 4
After you made your changes ensure you use gpupdate /force or a restart in order to fully apply the Group Policy Editor changes.

The official Group policy editor still triggers one registry value, exactly the same way as it was in Redstone 3.

Disable the Web Search

The Group Policy option still does work and might only need an Explorer.exe restart (or PC restart). The workaround via registry is more for people which are on a Home Windows Version (the once without Group Policy Editor).

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Simply add you group policy changes, apply the registry tweak and restart and voila! It still works. I uploaded the registry tweak with this commit on my repository in case you need it.

Optionally you can disable Cortana entirely with “„AllowCortana“=dword:00000000” which of course also disables the web search.

Closing Words

Even if you force a GPO update with gpupdate /force and not apply any registry tweak it worked fine for me. It’s unclear what is broken here (simply nothing). I see nothing has really changed the way like it was before in Redstone 3.

It yet again only shows that people writing things about stuff they don’t understand without testing stuff themselves and spreading their FUD as truth.