Are there any good Reddit shredder for overwriting comments?

Since Reddit is tracking it’s user more and more you might ask yourself which options you have in order to escape this permanent surveillance. There are a bunch of good scripts and utilities in to make Reddit’s life harder, delete your history and comments is a good start.


Deleting history using the manual way (not recommend)

  1. Open your browser window. On the window, there are on the right side 3-4 parallel lines. Click on the lines and a drop-down menu will pop out.
  2. Scroll down to the ‘settings’ icon and click on it. A list menu will pop out
  3. Scroll the listed choices up to the ‘privacy’ icon. Again click on it. A menu will pop out
  4. Scroll the list and click on ‘security’. A menu will again pop out
  5. Scroll and click on ‘history’. A list of sites will come up. You can choose to delete individual sites or you can delete all the sites. To clear all the sites, click on ‘delete all’ and click ‘OK’.
  6. This way you will have deleted your Reddit history. Since this is the official way it might not delete everything, because there could be a difference from what Reddit shows and what is real. Some moderators just hide specific content for specific accounts instead of deleting the comments or removing it on their servers.

Script solutions


The following solutions are scripts or online services scripts in order to override your comments:

A good place for scripts is Greasyfork. Keep in mind that you always should prefer scripts over extensions/addons due the simple reason that it’s easier to audit one single script rather than an entire addon, besides the script is easier to modify and it doesn’t waste as many resources as an extension/addon. That said, go with scripts whenever possible.

The reason why there only a handful script available is that Reddit very often change something on their API which makes it difficult to keep up with their changes. This is also the reason why some extension stopped working – they simply need an update in order to address this.

Chrome extension


Adblocker like uBlock/Nano Adblock (based on uBO) etc are good in order to give a minimal protection against some tracking in case you are logged-in into Reddit because it might block some external scripts (when properly configured). But’s not an all-in-one solution against surveillance. Reddit started to implement their tracking methods directly into their main-page which means you can’t block it without breaking the entire site. There some workarounds for this available, but it’s questionable if adblockers will over the long run survive this.

However, adblocking itself provides a useful layer because most of these extensions or programs have also additional options in order to make it harder to track you by e.g. stripping away e-Tags or disallowing WebRTC. So I recommend that you at least use it and configure it per your own needs.

Keep in mind that ‘overblocking’ or blocking every page isn’t an answer, some little pages might suffer from it so consider and review the pages you daily visit and ensure you support those pages.

I suggest that you might better work with a whitelist – instead of blacklisting every single page, this is maybe the better solution, but it’s up to you. Some routers or firewalls can block everything and allow only the things you really need based on your list.

Encrypt and decrypt comments on Reddit, Twitter or GitHub

ShadowCrypt is a Chrome extension that brings encrypted messaging to Internet sites such as Reddit, Facebook or Twitter. The main idea behind ShadowCrypt is to provide Internet users with the means to post encrypted messages on the Internet so that only select recipients can read it.

KeyBaseIO is a universal solution (in heavy development) in order to provide a similar function on all platforms, it also has some other benefits you can use End-to-end encryption on Reddit, encrypt your git and many more things, explain on their FAQ page.

Both solutions don’t let you delete the history, but since everything, it’s encrypted others need an extension in order to reveal it’s real content.

Important notice

Be aware that since the listings of comments and posts only contain the most recent 1000 items, that’s all most tools and scripts will/can delete. This is a performance limitation on the part of Reddit.

Closing Words

You can reduce the chance of been tracked with adblockers etc but these programmes do not take care of your own surfing behavior – please keep this in mind. Think about what you share and on which platform.

I still do believe that adblocking comes to an end once they find a solution to fully bypass it, this mostly means the website breaks or the functions are limited. Of course there also workarounds for this but soon or later the bad guys build strategies in order to defeat it and once your data is uploaded to the internet it’s too late. Adblocking however has already changed the web, some people say for the greater good while others say that we got more background tracking – it’s difficult to know if that would or wouldn’t have happened anyway with blockers.

Ultimately I say the better protection is to combine some shredder script with encryption in order to make surveillance almost useless.

Recommend to switch the platform is not mentioned in this article since I do believe every platform like to get your data at some point and that’s why I highlighted the encryption part.