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Vega 12 isn’t Intel’s Kaby-Lake-G GPU solution

A lot of speculation about AMD’s Vega 12 solution made the round over the last two weeks, some said Vega 12 isn’t Intel’s new GPU solution others have said it definitely gets integrated into Intel’s Kaby-Lake CPU in order to deliver the graphics. The secret seems now lifted and the rumors ended up wrong.

Vega 2 (12). Picture Source:


According to some AMD coworkers, AMD Vega 12 will be some new product. It’s definitely not the unknown hardware which was reported last year over a SiSoft database entry. It’s moreover possible that this is the ‘Vega Mobile’ solution but there is currently no statement from AMD.

Codename Chip Tech. Segment Product Name
Vega 20 ~300-350mm² in 7nm 4096 SE and 4096 Bit HBM2-SI HPC- & Profi-Segment unclear?
Vega 10 484mm² in 14nm 4096 SE and 2048 Bit HBM2-SI High-End-Gaming, Profi-Segment Radeon RX Vega 56 & 64
Vega 11 not known not known Midrange-Gaming unclear, maybe canceled
Vega 12 not known not known not known unclear?
“Vega Mobile” ~200mm² in 14nm 1536 SE and 1024 Bit HBM2-SI Midrange-Grafik for Intel’s Kaby-Lake-G Radeon RX Vega M GL & GH
“Vega iGPU” integrated as  APU (14nm) 704 SE and 128 Bit DDR4-SI Mainstream-Graphics for AMD’s Raven-Ridge-APUs Radeon Vega 3/6/8/10 Mobile & Radeon Vega 8/11
“Vega Mobile” & “Vega iGPU” codenames are maybe not the final product names.

Kaby-Lake-G specs

The following specs are the one which are known and confirmed.

KBL-G ~218mm² in 14nm 1536 SE and 1024 Bit HBM2-SI Midrange-Grafik for Intel’s Kaby-Lake-G Radeon RX Vega M GL & GH

Closing Words

Vega 12 is something new and it not gets integrated into Intel’s GPU solution, which opens (yet again) room for discussions and speculations. When it comes to hardware or any news simply don’t trust rumors, check the sources and make your own research it’s also not really important to be the first who knows what will be integrated or not because it anyway gets announced later from AMD, Intel & Co.

We now have several statements from AMD employee which definitely confirms that Vega 12 is not Kaby-Lake GPU solution.