Windows 10

Screen Clips will be integrated in Windows Redstone 5

Microsoft tests another gimmick function in order to improve the OS usability. The new Screen Clip function is already in an unfished form integrated in the current Windows Insider Builds 17639. Thurott has already reported about this new feature.

The new (hidden) option allows you to create a clip. Picture Source:

Clips as a replacement for old utilities

The screenshot/clips function will replace Windows integrated Snipping Tool and take control over the present Win + Shift + S shortcut function.

The idea is good but the failure here seems that the function doesn’t offer much.

Clips in action

Thurott was so kind to give us a preview how this tool works and acts, at this point big thanks for the ‘clips’.


After you’re done, your own screen clips are saved to the clipboard, one befit here is that is also integrated alpha-channels support, which the old win32 application couldn’t be stored and you usually see the dialog ‘do you like to save the picture even if it loses it’s transparency?”.

Just another option added for already existent functions

While this sounds great you shouldn’t forget that Windows already has a bunch of tools integrated which more or less do the same.

  1. PrtSc key
  2. Snipping Tool Win + Shift + S shortcut
  3. Win + PrtSc
  4. Game Bar and its Win + Alt + PrtScn shortcut
  5. External programs 
  6. Did I forgot something? yXZVmpE

Closing Words

Why? Out of ideas? I don’t know, instead of giving people a powerful tool (which we almost had almost with the Snipping Tool) we get another “thing” which might get abandoned after a while because people use external programs instead. They simply offer more, and with more, I not even mean some fancy functions, I mean upload functions to share hoster like Imgur or advance editing abilities.

ShareX is one of my suggestion and an open source replacement which does a lot of more. Microsoft should ‘copy‘ this instead, but they go the wrong way and I already can predict that this new Clips function here will die the same way like their Snipping utility.

Listen Microsoft, it’s easy peasy, I will tell you (again). Remove old crap utilities and replace it with ONE universal single utility which gives you all the options and possibilities, don’t release something new which doesn’t offer anything astonishing, that’s not how you win some people because they already use alternative programs and why should they switch back to something basic like this? doh