ProtonMail now officially supports IMAP/SMTP

ProtonMail, lemme think, ah that rings a bell, right! Good support – offers a fantastic VPN and of course most people known the service for it’s email service. ProtonMail now ends a long beta test and rolls out some useful new features for everyone, IMAP & SMTP support are only one of these new changes. The latest changes to their apps or services can be found in their official Blog announcements.

Official ProtonMail Logo.

IMAP/SMTP support

ProtonMail now supports IMAP/SMTP in desktop environments such as Windows and MacOS – Linux support is coming soon without giving an exact date.

Protonmail IMAPSMTP
Official eMail announcement. 

This means you can now use ProtonMail with your favorite desktop email applications such as Apple Mail & Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird, while still benefiting from the end-to-end encryption and zero-access encryption that ProtonMail provides.

IMAP support is now available for all paid users via the ProtonMail Bridge after it was tested in a longer beta phase.

OpenGPG Support

GPG support is provided via the Browser webmail interface without mention if this is planned for external clients or not, the support, however, is limited and only for incoming messages.

Encrypted Contacts added

Encrypted contacts are also now supported in the ProtonMail mobile apps, this feature is now not only available anymore for just only Desktop clients. Encrypted contacts protect your contact details aside from name and email with zero-access encryption and also digitally signs all contact data.

This feature means your contact data is protected against unauthorized tampering, and encrypted contact details cannot be viewed by anyone other than you. Editing encrypted contact fields is sadly a paid feature.

Closing Words

The beta testing is over and some useful functions are rolling out for everyone, sadly a lot of good things are only for paid users which reduces my happiness, ProtonMail also needs money I totally get it but basic functions like IMAP and SMTP shouldn’t come at a price because a lot of people still don’t like webmail and preferring external applications like Thunderbird & Co. instead.

Overall the announcement is a good one for those who like to check the new features, it definitely has it’s benefits and there a lot of options given.

A good alternative to ProtonMail is Tutanota. On the other side, ProtonMail offers a better all-in-one package, so you have your VPN, eMail etc on one provider instead of multiple ones, which might reduce your change to leak data as long ProtonMail stays secure and uncompromised.