PIA starts it’s Beta Program

Well, my the news on this is a bit late because I wasn’t aware of it but it seems that Private Internet Access now has an official beta program which allows you to opt-in into all PIA beta clients such as the Android app or the Windows app.


PIA Beta program
After you opt-in you get eMail notifications. There is sadly no notification through the beta-program itself.


How do you opt-in?

Joining PIA’s beta program is really easy, basically, you have to visit your Customer Control Panel on the official PIA page, which shows now a new section under the password changing section to join the beta program.

Beta opt-in PIA

Once you applied to it by clicking the button you get options to join the latest PIA applications.

For now PIA only allows you to join a Beta test for one application, which means if you’re Android Beta tester you can’t join (official) the Beta application for Windows, however in my test I still could because if you join the Windows program you are still able to see Google Play Store’s ‘join beta’ button which seems to work independently from PIA’s internal program, so you still get beta updates for Android. You also can create another account in order to download or join multiple beta programs, this is not restricted.


Every client has an option to show the latest changelog, this function was already added in final versions earlier.


PIA Changelog
Clicking on Changelog reveals what is new or changed/fixed.

You also can go to PIA’s beta page in order to see a link which explains to you what is new or changed.



In case you are on a final build and want to join the program you simply can ‘over’-install the client, there is no problem in doing it, the TAP-Driver gets re-installed anyway and Windows or Linux shows you the dialog if you want to install/trust the driver.

On Android it’s very easy, you get the application automatically been installed once you joined, Google Play Store takes care of the rest and you won’t have to do anything except waiting some minutes in order to see that the Store updates your PIA app.

Final Words

The program already started 8. Febr. this year and I seems to have overlooked it, well the announcement wasn’t really big but I like the idea of testing the clients in order to report or find problems. I think the process will also be improved once the clients and code are uploaded to GitHub which PIA promised us this year. This would make the reporting bug or reviewing the source code much more comfortable.

I think PIA did a good decision here, they’re trying their best to improve their own software and this shows yet again why PIA is a good provider, their support and ideas are mostly ahead of other providers and the support is outstanding.