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What Microsoft really needs to change to make a better OS

Redstone 4 aka Spring Creators Update is already an old cap the next Redstone 5 builds are already in the pipe, but what does Microsoft need to change in order to become the best OS ever 🤔? Here is my own list what Microsoft should change with 19H1. Warning: Clickbait article ahead, because I used the ‘M’ word.


Remove old unused stuff and eliminate the redundancies

  • Only allow one ‘Settings’ option. Microsoft often promised that the Classic Menu will be gone, so do it.
  • Remove Cortana, sounds hash but that experiment failed and no one in his right mind uses it cause we have another invention called ‘Browser’.
  • Remove not used group policy settings like Messenger because the Windows XP times are over and there is no Messenger bundled in the OS anymore.
  • Remove DOM/iSCSI Initiator, I think the times are over once and for all. If someone really needs support for this then it should be optional downloadable but 90% of all people never work with the tools nor DOM etc itself.
  • Remove all Ads from the OS, you can do the marketing in Windows Store but advertisements have shouldn’t be there cause it’s dangerous and might expose you or deliver malware in it as often showed.
  • Let DirectX once and for all die, it’s like Cortana, useless. Replace the X with the V (Vulkan), I know MS don’t want it cause then people could game on Linux the same like on Win but you have to move on. Advertising Ray-Tracing as a big thing after 20 years (when it first was introduced) when Vulkan can do the same (on all OS) is lame. DirectX is like Internet Explorer, a prestige which was wrong right from the beginning. See it positive, developers and even you MS can sell your games and apps on other platforms – you already provide apps for Android.

You promised the ‘most secure OS’ now give people the control back

  • The firewall needs a GUI, did I really wrote it?! Yes, the integrated Win2k GUI is old, crappy and people want something modern which is easier to work with, WFC shows that a small GUI can make the difference. Such function should be directly integrated and also allow to block ads or entire domains including regular expression support to block aaaall the *.ads.
  • The Windows Security Center should a security instead MS decided to make Windows Defender the new ‘security’ tool which basically lists all ‘events’. Make a decision to integrate it in Windows Defender or in a separate utility.
  • Remove well-known and insecure things like SMBv2, Kerberos and make it optional for those who are really depending on it, but whoops, there is a Windows Server edition – so remove it in the Home Editions cause no one use or need it, besides it’s insecure since the beginning and not fixable without re-writing everything which I doubt MS will ever do.
  • An OS as service, is not a bad idea, however, one major update per year is enough, focus on quality.
  • Secure means open, you already started to release some source code on GitHub for .NET Framework, etc but how about drivers? Give others the chance to improve their driver support. Did I mention that Linux is cool too?!
  • Security means no spying, you want trust? Okay prove it, remove Telemetry and integrate it into builds which are originally designed to provide feedback – which means integrate it into previews but not into major builds. If someone wants telemetry how about making it available as app in your App Store? I bet that app would be downloaded million times! I’m sure!

Cool kids like colors!

  • Give people the ability to customize the app, which means to allow people to theme their Windows. You don’t want that people run into malware but the opposites happen ’cause they try to find a solution to patch the themeui.dll and run into possible malware. So listen, cool kids want colors, just give them what they want. 🍬
  • Speaking about Themes, how about the ability or an official API in order to get an interface/documentation how to provide Themes? You don’t like an empty Windows Store, cool then allow it so people could upload their work.

Control – With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

It’s true, Microsoft has a trust problem and this means people think they don’t have any control over the OS – this partial right because you by default get forced Updates. This needs to be changed with an easy toggle to switch this so everyone can decide to install updates or not some people simply don’t like or want constantly new features.

So MS likes his Edge, meh but okay I give you that point, how about more and better extension support? I guess the Browser would be ‘not bad’ once it allows basic features like AdBlock, JSControl and more extension. So people get control over their Browsing habits, have a good feeling and everyone can benefit from this, the fact that there only a few extension are mostly because it’s not attractive for developers to build something for Edge.

The Windows Store could be a cool thing, sadly Microsoft won’t offer popular programs like Notepad++, Foobar2000, MPC etc to be installed via the Store, instead it provides a lame NuGet Interface to get software packages, how about to combine everything so that the Windows Store is finally useful? Linux shows that this is possible and it works well, so you update and install your apps trough the Store and I not mean the shitty solitaire apps – we’re talking about ‘real’ software which deserve an installation.

Cloud, AI – Dude this belongs into a Server OS, not in a Home OS

Microsoft seems to have the next ‘Cortana’ idea – I call the bad ideas Cortana ideas – which means they’re trying to integrate more cloud features into Windows in order to provide you with something only a handful people on earth really benefit from it. Oh wait, MS benefits from it because they use you as AI tester to fill their database, don’t do this we’re not the product. We all know Microsoft Azure cloud runs on Linux but forcing people into another online service is maybe the wrong idea, especially because some people might have privacy-related doubts.

The Setup.exe is so 1999 – Can we have a modular Setup?

This is definitely my number one ‘killer’ feature since forever and it fixes maybe everything I mentioned above, so here comes the idea:

  • Provide ONE single version for Home People and ONE version for Server people, provide only ONE Setup for all versions and in this so-called ‘modular’ setup you can check or uncheck the things you like to install or download BEFORE you start the OS installation. So you can check, if you like, Edge, Telemetry…, in case you’re like those things. The Setup also could allow you to opt-in into Previews BEFORE your install anything, this reduces a lot of useless setup time after you installed the entire OS because you could literally pre-configure everything or are not forced to install the OS in order to install another OS (preview build).
  • The real bummer would be an interface for Server or advanced users, so you can give the setup your let’s say setup.xml file which will be read-out, so you don’t have to do manually re-do everything each time, this act like some kind of a template for server admins. How cool would that? No need to configure things anymore manually or to remove apps after you installed the OS cause you never checked the toggle which installs the ‘bloatware‘.

The ‘modular setup’ idea is in my mind since Windows 98, it will also help to reduce the server overhead cause you can straight from beginning download and install the latest programs through the Setup itself so you don’t have to mess with different Windows versions, or ESD/ISO etc files. One example is if you want to download the latest OS just start the Setup in order to get all downloads to the two versions. Rather than us yet another shitty tool in order to download the OS files. This is so many cluster fuck for no benefit.

Pirating Windows is easy peasy – Give people the OS for free!

Windows security mechanism in order to check and verify the license is a joke, Microsoft never really put much effort into it, which means the old methods from years ago still working like a dream. So because of this, how about giving us the OS for free? Sounds like a radical change? Sure, but listen you still get your money – simply give us the OS and we only pay for things we need like e.g. additional codes. if someone really needs a coded or feature let them pay I think that’s a more fair better price model for everyone and we finally would get rid of activation connections and had more ‘freedom’.

However, I’m aware that people would immediately start to ‘crack’ the optional offered products but it’s really depending how the protection or the price is, I guess if you pay 1 dollar for a codec (just an example in our theoretical case) no one really would need to crack it, especially also keeping in mind that there also free alternatives available for people who can’t effort the price for such a function.

I like to say that Spotify or Netflix are some ‘good‘ examples which shows that when the service is good people are usually willingly to pay for it (of course under certain conditions) and only a ‘few’ people pirate it (depending how you definite ‘few’).

Closing Words

Windows could be a more secure and overall better OS, the things I wrote are at some point no secret for example the firewall user interface argumentation but why is Microsoft holding on some product even if lots of people saying it’s pointless? The compromise here is to offer such controversal things as optional feature rather than ignoring it until everyone already starts to hate it, which makes it only harder to win some trust back.

The source code argumentation is one big point and I guess MS theoretically could do it, the times are there but again – they’re holding on outdated strategies because they might think it is still good enough, well it isn’t Linux is getting better and better and once Game developers se that Vulkan is the better API in order to provide good games the main argumentation would be over once and for all. No one is just going to install Windows just because of their ‘awesome’ Store.

The feature updates Microsoft has to offer are BS, that’s a fact – emotes in the keyboard is not a future it’s a gimmick – sorry guys every Android Keyboard app in the iTunes or Google Play Store offers that without making the big announcement about such little things, it’s okay that MS wants to keep up with the concurrence but forcing people into something is definitely the opposite what you don’t want, losing more trust.

Crippling Linux features like Bash etc in order to provide half-cooked solutions is also what especially Linux users criticize – why use a crippled system/function than the original?


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the most frustrating thing I face in win 10 is its start menu.
i’ve tons of apps and bcoz of this start menu, i’ve to scroll many times just to open a program.
if only i can get flyout all programs list like win xp that would be wonderful.
although i use startisback only bcoz of that.


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