Th3inspector is a Information Gathering Tool – Review

 coded a little open source program which exists in order to gather information. Th3inspector Tool allows you to easily get some basic or advance information about a Website, eMail, phone number etc.

Th3inspector Too
Th3inspector Tool. Picture Source: GitHub


Program Overview & Features

The developer was so kind to make a quick YouTube video in order to show what this tool is about. The program is fully open sourced and available on GitHub.

As you can see, the program acts like a ‘whois’ in order to obtain information from a domain, website, phone number and more. It quickly gives you the opportunity to get information based on the pre-made list from which you can choose.

  • Website information
  • Phone Number
  • IP-Address
  • EMail-Address
  • Domain Age Check
  • Reverse IP lookup
  • Sub-domain scanner
  • Credit Card Checker

Since the information are collected trough external services the output is maybe not 100% accurate. Please keep this in mind, this is not the programs fault.

Th3inspector Tool Information
Domain information is one of the things the program can show you. Picture Source: GitHub


Supported Operating Systems

The program works with all operating systems such as Android, Linux, Mac OS & Windows. It’s written in Perl. The installation instructions are given in the official file.

Program Usage

After you installed the program you execute the program which shows you a basic interface with some options. each option can reveal more information about specific things like eMail, domain etc. This is really easy to use and even beginners will not have any trouble using the program.

Compared to TCP/IP utilities (now DNSlytics) the program offers some more information such as eMail, phone number and credit card checks.

The output results are directly visible after a short time and you can copy the information (if you like) from the window. This can be useful if you like to copy this information to work with.

Final Words

The program is useful if you often need information about domains etc. If you only here and there need some information you can work with online services or programs provided by your operating systems in order to get similar information.

The program currently does not work with Windows Linux-Subsystem, but I’m sure that is something which is fixable.

The interface is easy to understand and to use, you basically choose what the option you like to see or know more about and then type in the needed domain, phone number etc. The Th3inspector Tool then checks via external services which information are available and display it in an easy to understandable format.

The program gets my partial recommendation because there are similar online services, Browser extensions which do the same thing. The ‘problem‘ is that this program is more for advanced users which often need such information – the normal daily user usually don’t need it (of course there are also exceptions). But installing a program, in my opinion, means that I use it daily otherwise I can use online services which doesn’t ‘waste’ my HDD/SSD space.

The program itself works flawless and it’s really fantastic but it’s one of those programs which you usually not need on a daily basis.