Planned Obsolescence? Reports showing Memory Inductors Are Frequently Burning Out on Certain NVIDIA GPUs

Seems hating nVidia is a new kind of ‘fun’ these days, but some random people reporting especially on 780/780 Ti/Titan(XM)/980Ti cards that the memory inductors are burning out. This means the card suddenly dies. I’m not really sure what’s behind this because this can happen with every other card too. If you do an image search with “Memory Inductors Nvidia” you see several burned out cards, well the same works with AMD, so again I’m not sure what is the news here except that people crying for ‘planned obsolescence’.

nVidia GOU burnout
Picture Source: YouTube


Planned Obsolescence or a result of OC?

It’s questionable broken or burned memory inductors are really a result of planned obsolescence because there exist several theories that some cards use better or cheaper inductors (for no reasons?).

Actually Hardcore Overclocking made a video about the current situation.

What people mostly not say here is that they cards died because they try to mine with it or they OC’ed. This fact alone already would be enough to destroy the rumors about it because this behavior is not the usual behavior or held in the warranty.

Final Words

Would be interesting if Actually Hardcore Overclocking could compile a list of which brands do it the most since I can’t deny or verify it myself, I had cards (from AMD and nVidia which both died) and it seems more a random thing rather than planned obsolescence – the claims people making are very serious and I think it takes some time to analyze it to come to a conclusion. I think AMD nor nVidia is currently in the position to make many mistakes and it would be a big bummer if they use really cheap parts on only specific series in order to sell more hardware.

It’s also questionable if the components are not related to ASUS, XFX & Co which often replace something in order to provider higher clocks. You see the topic is huge and complex and I do not want to spread false statements here because this simply needs more tests.