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Opera Tweak Guide

The following guide provides several tricks (‘tweaks’) how you easily setup Opera for the maximum security in terms of internal given mechanism which you need to enable or switch to enhance the overall browser security. It’s a guidance and not an universal guide because Browsers changing frequently and there might getting or removing several functions, please keep this in mind.


Based on Opera 51 the guide will show several recommendations from me to lower the attack surface. Let’s get started.

Windows 10

Windows RS 5 (1809) will get Tabs in explorer.exe

According to Zac Bowden the old explorer.exe will finally get tabs, we already had similar feature within the new ‘sets’ option but they got removed for no reasons, maybe because it was to unstable. The UWP file Explorer is on the todo list. The upcoming RS 4 will definitely not get such an function but maybe the next Insider build will already add this function – who knows.

Looks similar like what we know already from every Browser – Tabs.