Windows 10 gets new internal Codenames

Microsoft will change the strategy once more, instead of telling their upcoming releases Redstone 3, 4, 5… they will change the name scheme to 19H1 and 19H2 – this change was made to make it more transparent to identify the major releases. The last Redstone Build will be Redstone 5 which comes at end of this year.


H1 and H2

The H1 represents the 2019 half-year release (Build 1903) while H2 means the second half of the year what will not be changed are the internal names, like Anniversary Update, Creators Update, Spring Creators Update etc. It’s unclear why Microsoft changes the Codenames, in my opinion it’s pretty pointless and more confusing than it helps and only God knows when they change this again.

Who gives a damn about Codenames?

We have build numbers, internal and external names – really?! Why this useless change?! Don’t try to imitate Google with this change instead the better change would be to name your build after the the upcoming major release so everyone already know what’s coming next instead MS decides to create even more confusion. I think we finally had a structure which got now ruined.

None of this matters. Despite being a thing that isn’t even significantly user-facing, there’s no convention they could adopt that wouldn’t generate threads upon threads of snarky opinions

Closing Words


Windows 10.1
Windows 10.2
Windows 10.3
Windows 10.4
Windows 10.5

Could be so simple …. unsure


  • Microsoft to ditch Windows 10 Redstone codenames in favor of ones that reflect the date (

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