VeraCrypt 1.22 Beta 7 & 8 are fixing the MBR Bootloader problem

The new VeraCrypt Beta’s fixing a major MBR problem reported by several users, including me – I posted a workaround for this. Now after 6 months the issue seems to be resolved. Beta 7 was posted March 27 2018 and even within the same week followed by Beta 8. The changelog for Beta 8 wasn’t updated yet, but it’s a pure bugfix release.

VeraCrypt 1.22 Beta 8

A lot of fixed and even more work behind the new releases

The Beta 7 changelog already shows why it took so long to release another version, a lot of effort was spent in order to fix most reported problems and I can confirm that the Beta 7 and Beta 8 are already Spring Creators Update ready which means it will also work with the upcoming Windows 10 version.

Among the MBR changes the new tests versions working now a bit faster because of a new cipher implementation, this affects all OS and can theoretically work now 2 times faster than before while decrypting the partition. And to stay on the ciphers, 5 new ones were added Camellia-Kuznyechik, Camellia-Serpent, Kuznyechik-AES, Kuznyechik-Serpent-Camellia and Kuznyechik-Twofish which are all in theory have some benefits in speed and security.

If you’re unsure which one to choose, stay with the defaults which are already strong enough in order to protect your OS or partition.

There also some driver related changes, old and obsolete stuff was removed in order to fix a problem on some machine, the change might also have a positive effect on the speed because less code means that it theoretically loads faster.


As always you can download the official beta builds from sourceforge and the stable builds from the official page. And upgrade to the newer version requires you to restart your machine in order to apply the driver related changes, you will see a dialog at the end which asks you if you like to restart now or later.

Closing Words

I tested Beta 7 and Beta 8 and there working really well in my machine, all the reported problems seems to be fixed. I haven’t tested the new ciphers but I surely will once I have more time. I think VeraCrypt really made a big step forward with these new changes and I hope the project continues.