Private Internet Access Client v78 is out

The new released Private Internet Access Client v78 comes with several changes, the GUI is now ‘snappier’ than ever. The taskbar icon got some changes, you see now a high DPI picture which also indicates with a small checkmark if you’re secured or not.

PIA v78
The Settings Menu got several changes, you can filter the servers now directly by ‘Region’ or by ‘Country’.


PIA Menu

As you can see the righ-click menu is now more comfortable it integrates an ‘Changelog’ button which directly brings you to this page. Sadly there is still no update notification implemented so you have to check here and then the official PIA page for updates, I already opened an issue ticket for this.

  • Show region latency under “Manage Regions”
  • Allow users to connect to the best region in a country by choosing to “Connect by Country”
  • New and improved connect menu
  • Favorite regions
  • Allow power users to specify additional OpenVPN config switches
  • Show external IP in tooltip
  • Limit local port to 1..65535
  • Do not show disconnected notification on auto connect
  • Fixed a bug where PIA restarts immediately after exiting
  • Fixed a bug where a bad auth error on connect would still enable killswitch
  • Update nwjs to 0.29.1
  • Windows: Set installer language as client language
  • Windows: Signed additional executables to mitigate anti-virus warnings
  • Windows: New tray and notification icons
  • Windows: Fix encoding issue that affected systems in Japanese
  • Windows: Fix connecting on remote port 53 does not work with DNS Leak Protection enabled
  • Windows: Fix not being able to install in a system drive other than C:
  • Windows: Fix a bug that prevented PIA from starting on some computers
  • Linux: Use resolvconf to configure DNS on systems that use it
  • Linux: New tray and notification icons
  • Linux: Fix conflict between pacman package manager and pacman the game

PIA Country Server

Countries are alphabetically ordered and finally got their own flag in order to identify it quicker.

The TAB driver got also several smaller changes in order to fix the DNS problem which some people reported over several months. This means in case you already use the PIA Client that you have to reinstall the TAB driver (happens automatically during the setup). PIA now also integrates a new start-menu entry which allows you to reinstall the TAB-Driver in case you have some problems which is a nice and useful feature.

Closing Words

The client loads faster, that’s what my family complaint about for a long time and I could verify this issue – especially on older laptops it took ages until you saw the righ-click menu, this seems now fixed once and for all. The new icons are more gimmick but the country flags are a nice visual catch which helped me to quickly identify it faster since it’s an eye-catcher.

I think besides the missing auto-update function PIA and a missing option to show or test the server latency, PIA once again did a good job here, the client will hopefully released as open source on GitHub soon and I expect some more improvements this year.

PIA is one of my favorite service because there relatively cheap and they offering good support. I see Private Internet Access as VPN pioneers and they never let their community or supporters hang which is what I respect. There hard workers showoff.

The new changes and fixes are interesting and everyone can benefit from it, as always you can get the latest updates from the official page here.



Thank you for reaching out to us here at PIA, I hope your day is going well.

I most certainly understand your concern and it is warranted. We did recently implement this feature on our last version (v75). However there were issues with our v76 release and as such disabled for that time. However, now that we have v77 and now that you have updated to this version, moving forward you should receive these notifications for updates.

I just got an eMail from the PIA support team, seems there was an bug/problem in earlier versions which was now fixed (even if the changelog doesn’t say a single word about it). So let’s see if I finally get some update notifications. beg