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The new Blog Interface is almost finished

Just a quick heads up, I want to inform everyone that I was working hard to make the Blog better, which means there will be a new Theme and a better overview page once I activated it. I can’t say when this will be happen because my knowledge in web design is limited and it might take several weeks until it is finished but what I can definitely say that the page will load faster.



Sadly I could’t post any news over the last days because I was simply busy with the new Theme and some other things in order to get some money. So at this point my apologies to my readers because I know it’s kind of frustrating if you subbed Blog doesn’t post anything new. It’s simply impossible for one man alone to handle everything and it’s simply time management we’re talking about here.

No eta

Unless other pages which publishing the theme and then fixing the problems afterwards I decided to not do this because it’s simply not possible I only can write articles or work on the theme not both together. What does this mean for CK’s Blog? Well, I’m not going to release any Beta version, if there are problems with the final version I will check it if someone reports it but I can’t integrate new functions all the time and installing any extensions into the Blog mostly breaks things instead that’s helpful. Please keep this in mind.

The current process

I won’t post any preview or something because I still think I change some things here and there but what I definitely can say is that the header will be gone and replaced with the navigation bar only. There will be no logo until I find someone who can make it for me – This is due the simple fact that I’m not good at Photoshop and I will not spent my time learning it.

The footer will be changed too, so it will show less but on the other hand the important information going straight to the new navigation bar so you not need to scroll down thousands of miles – this change is especially helpful for mobile devices. How cool is that?!

The ads might completely disappear but I’m not sure. I still want to find a good balance between surviving and not spam you on each article with “please donate to me” BS cause I simply don’t like it and it also slows down your entire page because more gimmicks often mean that it reduces the loading time. Besides, it’s annoying.

There will be later, after I completely everything an ‘minutes to read’ information available on each article so you can directly see how long it would require to read it, the formula here is 300 words per minute which reflects an average reader.

The new search will also include an option to work with regular expression and it will also get the ability to search the archive (if you want) so you see which articles are released on day or month x.

There will be no sidebar or something like this on the left or right on the overview page, I decided that it’s more annoying than it helps. That’s a relict from the 90’s I think and no one really cares about this feature, however, a separate page will show you what I posted one year back on the same day as a history reminder. I think that’s a good feature so you can check what was changed between then and now – which also can be helpful in case you want to know if it’s worth to check or not.

Closing Words

The new change will come, maybe not next month but soon. It takes a while to test it across all Browsers and mobile devices to check if there problems or not, but I’m sure there will be less problems since I’m using a webkit which is explicitly designed for the mobile aspect. All other changes will be mentioned in the ‘changelog’ section so you can see what I’m working on or what is already done to keep the Blog transparent.

Thank you for your attention. happy