Thunderbird 60 Beta 1 is out

Together with the bugfix release of Firefox Mozilla also rolled out another Thunderbird build version 60 brings several calendar improvements among other changed things like the ability to compress the folders even if you’re online which can reduce the database size.

Thunderbiord 60 Beta 1


If you’re a beta tester you already should see the update via the internal updater mechanism if not check the about section and wait till you see it. In case you like to manually download it, the official download link is available here.


The full changelog is available here.

  • When writing a message, a delete button now allows the removal of a recipient. This delete button is displayed when hovering the To/Cc/Bcc selector.
  • Further improvements to attachments handling during compose, Alt+M now allows to show the attachment pane.
  • Thunderbird now allows the conversion of folders from mbox to maildir format and vice versa. This is an experimental feature.
  • Calendar: Allow copying, cutting or deleting of a selected occurrence or the entire series for recurring events
  • Calendar: Provide an option to display locations for events in calendar day and week views
  • Calendar: Provide the ability for sending/not sending meeting notifications directly instead of showing a popup
  • Thunderbird will now prompt to compact IMAP folders even if the account is online
  • During address entry, the matching part of the address is now shown in bold. Preference mail.autoComplete.commentColumn allows to display the address book where the address is stored.
  • Calendar: Removal of capability to send email invitations compatible to Outlook 2002 and earlier

Known Issues

  • The IMAP and News subscribe dialogue now presents a flat list of folders instead of a folder tree. This will be restored to its original form in the next release.
  • Source view not working for JS source files via Developer tools. Workaround: Set preference view_source.editor.external and view_source.editor.path to view the source in the editor of your choice.

About:config changes

There are several configuration changes which I not list here due one reason, since it’s an beta build they might change or getting removed. There anyway not security relevant and only affecting the calendar, the UI and IMAP folders.

Closing Words

The calendar changes looking good and I’m excited to see more, the new GUI works quite well already and the little changes here and there making it even more perfect to work with eMails. I hope we see the final build soon at the end of this year so that everyone can test the improved Thunderbird.