Windows 10

Is Windows 10 17133 the Redstone 4 RTM Build?

Spring Creators Update (Redstone 4) is already here and there a lot of rumors about which version number it could be, some people already saying that it will be Build 17133. Microsoft itself never answers such questions since the builds might getting changed just before the international release but all directions pointing to this release build.

Windows 10 17133 XML
The XML shows 17133 as next Windows Build.

Build 17128 or 17133

Other people saying build 17128 could be the RTM build which I personally don’t believe. Nothing however, is official confirmed or denied. I only found one statement from Insider Chef Dona Sakar that build 17128 will not be the RTM build – which makes sense since it ‘only’ was rolled out in the fast Ring as test release.

No Tabs feature in the RTM build

Spring Creators Update will not integrate the Tabs feature, this was official confirmed but the reasons behind are unclear. Maybe Microsoft needs more time to test this function in order to provide (based on user feedback) a more intuitive functionally. The tabs function will be fully enabled in the next Redstone 5 build at the end of this year.

Confusion regarding Microsoft Keylogger function

That Microsoft provides a keylogger is simply wrong – the Speech, Inking and typing function is very well documented here. It’s only active if you use a pen and you can manually disable it at any time.

There are currently rumors about this function since several pages advertising it wrongly as ‘keylogger’. Almost every Android app or iOS keyboard app has already same functionality, this simply helps to improve the pen and writing detection in order to correct mistakes faster. This doesn’t not log PIN numbers or anything related to your privacy, since login fields aren’t covered by this feature.

Spring Creators Update moved this function to another place, you can find it under “Speech, inking & typing” instead of “Feedback & Diagnostics”.