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A bad week for Facebook – Four separate lawsuits in one week

Following the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal which involved the firm improperly acquiring information from more than 50 million Facebook users. A lot of Internet users and companies alike have expressed their distaste with the way Facebook has handled the situation.

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Four lawsuits in one week following Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal

Two days ago Mozilla opted to pull their Facebook ads from the platform as a result of the incident.

Unfortunately for Facebook, though, user backlash and advertisers temporarily pulling out aren’t the only things they’ll have to contend with. According to an SFGate report, Facebook has been slapped with four separate lawsuits in San Francisco and San Jose-based federal courts. Individual shareholders in Facebook stock like Fan Yuan and Robert Casey filed their own class action lawsuit against the company, CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and CFO David Wehner, these are really popular examples and not the only one, you can assume more is coming.

Social media and it’s Change

It wasn’t the first time that Facebook got hit by lawsuits and this will not be the last scandal as long people not paying more attention on which platforms there are and what data they share.

The question is if it’s in general good or not to use such Facebook platforms as main platforms without that the user has any control over any data?! I think that’s the big question behind and more and more people turning their back on Facebook because of more and more information regarding how badly the company shares it’s data.

Final Words

This story is huge and I hope people now learning that social media should be used with more responsibility, sadly people still think that creating a ‘fake’ account does change something, this is simply wrong. The data collection never stops unless you point on it and force the owner to change something which can only be done if the mass is aware of it.

Do you use Facebook and if yes do you share your private information on it? Let me know in the comment section.

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have deleted my acc 4 years ago. but not only because of facebook, but because i wanted to be more private on the internet overall. because of my unique name you could find pictures and much more from a simple google search. took some years until google recrawled the web and updated everything so my identity vanished from the public web. and it feels good.

i also don’t use snapchat and all these “social” network apps. (btw 21 yo)

but besides that i don’t want facebook/google/nsa to have a detailed profile of me, i think that it’s also way more interesting when you meet new people. because there is nothing they can find online about me they also can not make a (wrong) picture of me. it’s way more interesting if you have to learn the person in real life. and btw mystery feeds imagination, which is good if you date someone 😉

PS: i even use my android without GApps (Google Apps). the only blackbox i have on the phone is the modem (GSM-4G etc) so who knows, maybe the mobile providers still tracks you and share the data with the intelligence agencies. i know only of some older mediatek based phones where you could random change the IMEI and other “identities” with root. not possible on my qcom SD820 (OnePlus 3)

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