YouTube Music: PayforPlay Strategy

Lyor Cohen is a well-known in the music business, Bloomberg interviewed him and what he had to say was incredible stupid. He blames YouTube (and other platforms) to violate copyrights and not pay artists enough money, while this is true the argumentation is just ridiculous.

Official YouTube Music Logo.

Pay for Play concept

Cohen states that Google/YouTube has a negative influence on the Music Industry, that said he also named Spotify and Apple together in the same boat. He claims that people are going to be ‘forced’ to pay because they feel annoyed by the ads they hear after their favorite song. This entire concept is not only YouTube exclusive and not new, however Cohen forgets to mention alternatives because there are none and this makes the entire Bloomberg article a big joke.

Pay, Crack or hear Ads

Basically there only three solutions:

  1. Accept the ads, even if you know that Google will roll-out more ads the longer you listening to the music. It should be mentioned that this could be changed in the near future.
  2. Pay, that seems what Cohen criticize the most because he think Google makes the most money here which I doubt here because the server & support behind the entire platform is not ‘free’ and costs lots of money (which he totally ignores).
  3. Crack (ads-free). Other platforms like Deezer, Spotify & Co. have a huge community already and some smart people constantly trying to bypass everything, so they build hacked apps which tries to get all the ‘pro’ functions without that you need to pay anything.

Paid online music services are booming

This time will be different, Cohen says. The new service, which is already being used by thousands of Google employees, will “frustrate and seduce” users of YouTube’s free service. It will include exclusive videos, playlists and other offerings that will appeal to die-hard music fans. YouTube has already been funding the production of videos, taking fans behind-the-scenes with artists like rapper G-Eazy and Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello.

I think no one is forced to do anything here, you can go and search for alternative platforms, pirate music or accept it (once again the three possibilities). I think that artists not getting enough money is something which is not a Google exclusive problem nor is it new.

Music platforms booming
Paid online music services are the fastest growing segment in the U.S. Picture Source: Spotify Technology SA

Because of the fact that the subscriptions are attractive and cheap the music market is booming than never before which is another important point because marketing has a strong influence on the sales and without any platforms you would be unable to sell your music right?

Final Words

Dear Mr. Lyor Cohen you’re 30 years in the music business and yet you don’t know anything about modern music streaming services. kBIeldo

Lots of people will use Ad-Blockers, did you heard of it? No, cause I bet you don’t use one, I think it’s quite common to use one these days and there is no problem in using one. To complaint people are forced to pay is ridiculous, there alternatives if there legal or illegal is a moralistic aspect which I not want to discuss here but the artists not getting enough money from the platforms why they supporting it if it’s already well-known? Right because at some point you get at least something which is better than nothing and good and free marketing.

It’s always easy to blame others without showing alternatives/solutions isn’t it?! getting-stoned