Mozilla Thunderbird 52.7.0 with security fixes and two other minor changes

Mozilla released another Thunderbird update which fixes various security problems. Among this important change the eMail-Client also got two other minor fixes which fixes a search problem reported via the Bugtracker and a Yahoo related problem to display a better error message in order something went wrong.



You can revive the update within the internal update mechanism or as always via the official download links given by Mozilla. The Security Advisories for Thunderbird wasn’t updated in order to specify what exactly was changed to improve the security.

No about:config related changes

Since this is bugfix and security release only you won’t find any new about:config related entries.


  • Searching message bodies of messages in local folders, including filter and quick filter operations, did not find content in message attachments
  • Better error handling for Yahoo accounts
  • Various security fixes

Mozilla is busy preparing the final Thunderbird 59 version which comes with the new graphical user interface among other smaller changes like new icons and an easier account management system.

Final Words

I’m really looking forward to see more for Thunderbird and it’s still my main eMail-Client which works since years without much problems – I only can hope that Mozilla not ends the support one day for it, which would be tragedy because there only paid and closed source alternatives which can compete with Thunderbird.