YouTube tests Picture-in-Picture function in Desktop Browsers

YouTube again! Sorry, but this function seems useful so I have to write about it. In fact the Picture-in-Picture function isn’t new and already available for mobile users, but now it seems to work on the Desktop version too.

Picture Source: YouTube

Enabling the function

Open your Chrome/Chromium or Opera browser and type in the URL Address bar chrome://flags. Navigate to the Enable Picture-in-Picture mode via the integrated search or simply click on the  option here.

Enable Picture-in-Picture

Restart the Browser afterwards and then you’re able to see Picture-in-Picture function on e.g. YouTube. Other pages need explicit support this function, so it’s not only limited to Google pages.


As you can see the mini player at the bottom has some basic controls, you can pause the video or skip it and play another video. I think that’s really interesting, so you can watch the video and at the same time check the entire page for other interesting videos without that you need to leave the video page. Clicking on the title brings you back to the original video page.

Option already since months available

Engadget advertise this function as new, even if it isn’t – the chrome:flags option is already available since Chrome 64 but it seems everyone has forgotten to report about it (including me – yep, shame on me!). g4ZwQYe

The Picture-in-Picture function is currently been tested, it’s originally designed for the mobile platforms like Android but it seems that Google decided to enable this function for Desktop Chrome users too, which is in my opinion a good. I know several extensions & scripts already imitated such function since several years.

Final Words

So many good things from Google recently, I’m surprised! Sadly we all know that a lot of features also getting removed and projects closed if there is no interest in it anymore or if Google see that there is no trend in such feature.

I like this functions, seems useful and I think it makes my and you life easier.