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YouTube allows you to stream directly from your Browser without external Software

YouTube announced today that their streaming service gets easier – this means you can now stream directly from your PC or phone, all you need is a Chrome Browser and of course an account and a webcam.



Streamers normally need software like Xsplit or OBS Studio in order to setup their encoders, this will from now on handled directly by Google to ensure you get the best possible quality for your stream. So you don’t need to adjust manually your encoder in order to deliver the stream to YouTube.


  • YouTube Account
  • Webcam (it works with every webcam)
  • Chrome Browser (more Browser are supported soon)
  • You also can stream via your phone, this feature will be rolled-out in the upcoming months

The future was already tested in a beta phase before it finally was rolled-out for everyone today. This makes the entire streaming process more easier for those who quickly want to stream their content on the go.

Here is an example video:

I don’t need any streaming programs anymore?

No, for more professional productions and animations in you stream you still need external programs. YouTube doesn’t have any interface to integrate some animations or other effects. It’s not known if Google is going to add something like this anytime soon as feature or not, this would be more difficult because this would require a more complex Browser and feature implementation – but it would not be impossible.

 How do I use the new feature?

Login into you account and go to and then click on “Go live” in the YouTube header to start your stream. That’s all, your webcam does the rest. This makes the entire streaming process really easy and even beginners are now able to stream without that they need to install or setup complicated programs.

chrome:flags changes

Final Words

Streaming is a new thing and we finally got the an interface directly on the streaming platform to make it easier for beginners to stream, this is really a good thing – sadly for experts like me it’s not really interesting because it doesn’t offer any benefit offer the well-known existent programs.

Personally I like the idea and I only can hope we getting a full featured interface for advance animations and effect with upcoming updates, this would be wonderful otherwise stay with OBS Studio to record or capture your content.