nVidia Nvidia Geforce 391.24 solves MPC-HC & Firefox issue but comes with AV BSOD problems

Oh boy, here we go again I wish I could report something positive these days but I can’t – well at last the latest nVidia driver fixed a Firefox and MPC-HC (Media Player) issue.

nVidia GeForce
Picture Source: Softpedia

Firefox and the TDR problem

The way I see things is that Firefox puts great pressure on the GPU for some tasks or processes and Windows has a maximum response delay of 2 seconds, once this is reached you see the so-called “TDR” timeout detection & recovery delay message.

[Firefox]: Driver TDR error may occur when using Firefox. [2049523]

Several people reporting problems, while it seems that the only workaround is to install another driver or increase the Windows response time manually via registry (not recommend). With nVidia 391.24 or higher, the problem should now be solved. The original problem occurred on every Windows system from Windows 7 up to 10.

Fixed MPC-HC slow-downs during the start

MPC-HC suffered according to several people over the Internet that once you started a film you entire PC started to slow-down for several seconds.

[Media Player Classic Home Cinema]: When launching a video, the system stutters momentarily. [2070328]

Crashes and BSOD’s with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware + Eset Nod32

Some users reporting new crashes, which causes a systems BSOD. As a result you see “Event ID: 1001 unexpected_kernel_mode_trap” in the system logs. It seems once again that the reason for this are Anti-Virus programs. Eset isn’t as affected as MBAM. Malwarebytes was often in the past affected by driver related changes and this mostly ended up with a system crash, so this isn’t the first time and yet again only shows that AV products causing more problems cause not updating drivers because your AV product has weaknesses is a horrible security advice.


AV products are worthless these days and we now have once again the prove for this. The AV industries blames Microsoft for it because they won’t accept the fact that the entire OS is now more secure and most of the features which Anti-Virus products offering these days are a relict from the 90’s.

I understand both sides, the AV industry wants to make money and MS wants a more secure OS but isn’t annoying that we always need to learn this the hard way? At the end of the day the user has a crash’y system and he tries to find the culprit and this is still a no-go in my opinion, however, I’m aware that software and drivers are never perfect and you can’t predict every change others made so it’s a complex story and there will be no solution for this.

Just stay informed friends.