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Next Generation Cryptography to be prepared against Quantum Systems

Most security experts have the same opinion – we need better cryptographically algorithm very soon – in order to survive the Post-quantum cryptography systems.

Google’s DWave Quantum PC prototype chip. Picture Source: Google

RSA, DSA and ECC are weak

Quantum PC’s are still ‘far away’ but the first prototypes are already out and there working. China and Korea invests billions of dollars to push this forward and it’s only a matter of time until we see the first commercial systems breaking everything. The most used algorithm like RSA, DSA & ECC are weak against such ‘theoretically’ attacks because there really old and they never got ‘updates’ in order to survive such quantum system attacks because at the time of building such algorithm no one expected that quantum systems will ever run.

Next Generation Cryptography

The question is what we can do about it right now? This is what the Fraunhofer SIT institute wants to answer with their ‘Next Generation Cryptography” research project. The first official released paper looks promising, it basically shows us what are the weaknesses of the current algorithm and if you know what are the weaknesses are you can build strategies in order to build new cryptographically systems.

Quantum Systems not anytime soon

The problem with quantum systems are that there instable and even if you get them stabilized you face another problem immediately, you need to rewrite every software – or in other words start from the beginning and code everything from the ground. The first systems which are known to work didn’t gave us the expected output because the software was one of the bigger problems. The theory and the praxis are often two separate things here and it might takes years until the first quantum pc runs longer than some hours.

My thoughts

Even if QP’s are still like Fusion generators (a work in process) it’s never bad idea to already build new algorithm in order to defeat them because you never know when the day is finally arrived. I like that the researchers from the Frauenhofer institute are already working on new systems and it’s a good signal for privacy fans. Imagine a world when NSA & Co. could crack everything in real-time – that would be a nightmare, right?!