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How To remove the “Please turn off Adblock or fuck off” Messages

The problem with ad-blocking these days is that websites aren’t sleeping and there constantly trying to find ways to bypass your ad-blocker extensions or integrated Browser blocking mechanism. This is a problem and it leads often in frustration because you see annoying messages which trying to tell you to turn off your blocker in order to see the page content.


The Problem

Some pages like the New York Times, Forbes or even some file-sharing platforms integrating a JavaScript detection to detect if you’re using a adblocker extension or filter list or not – as a result you see those annoying popups.

Popular implementation examples are available on GitHub like FuckFuckAdblock or FuckFuckFuckAdBlock. BlockAdBlock shows directly visually and with code how the blocking mechanism works.

The Solution(s)

The following this are pretty much every option you have in order to see the content.

  • Pause AdBlock (temporarily), in order to see the content
  • Whitelist the webpage
  • Leave the page and visit another page
  • View a cached version of the page

  • Turn off JavaScript (might also break several other page functions [not recommend])
  • Use a custom filter in order to see the content even if you leave the ads-blocker on [recommend]

Using the custom filter list is (in my opinion) the best solution but if you regularly visit the page you might should whitelist it in order to support the page.

Blocking such detections with a HOSTS file is ineffective because you block the entire domain but not the detection, which means you still would see the ‘warning message’ because this is triggered directly via JavaScript.

Using Custom Filter Lists

The biggest ad-block filter list page which you can find is which lists most ad-block filters on one page. You can decide which you like to integrate into your ads-blocking extension or not.

Adblock filter lists
Some ad-blocker extension have some pre-defined filter lists which you can manually activate.
Anti-Adblock removal list
The Anti-Adblock list removal list removes not all but most warnings.
Custom filters
Custom filters are easily added, just add the URL and press ‘Apply’ you see the result instantly.

uBlock Protector Extension (for Chrome only)

Anti-Adblock Killer Continued (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari & Edge)

Testing if everything works

You might want to test if your list works like expected, in order to do this you can visit the following pages:

These pages are regularly updated and there good examples to test your recently added filters. If everything works you can visit the page normal without any warnings and you still have JavaScript and your ad-blocker enabled.

More Filters are not better!

Some people making the mistake that there adding 100 or more filters into their ad-blocking extension because they think that more also helps more – this is horrible wrong. In fact it causes more troubles, the loading speed (no matter what gorhill & Co. wants to tell you) will have a negative effect on the page loading speed and it’s harder to debug in case a website ‘broke’.

Ad-block usage count

Checking the usage count is important – if the number is very low then it’s not worth to keep or adding the list. Most bigger list constantly adding new entries, so it might be a better idea to pickup what is not covered by the well known lists and add them as pull request on the original project.

The goal should be that the filter lists are efficient which means there covering everything so that you won’t have to add more and more list. Keep this in mind and ask the contributors if they not simply can merge your findings. All of these list are regularly maintained by the community, so you might want to help them in order to get a ‘good’ filter list. Of course, this is optional but at the end everyone would benefit from it.

Final Words

Blocking ads is annoying enough and that pages using Anti-Adblocker mechanism to detect if you are behind such an blocker is these days already normal – but is it the correct way? I have my doubts and that’s the reason why my Blog doesn’t includes such detections because at the end it’s pointless and more a cat and mouse game. Besides I do belief that such warning messages only scare people away and that’s what you explicity don’t want on your website.

The mentioned methods are easy to use and only requiring several minutes, so it’s not really a big deal. shades

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thanks for this useful info 🙂
i uninstalled ublock origin.
and installed Nano Adblocker + Nano Defender. (on chrome)
and Done. (no need of anything else)
nano adblocker is a fork of ublock origin and its good as ublock origin.

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