YouTube released YouTube Music for everyone

YouTube is going to release YouTube Music worldwide very soon. The new service is in directly competition with Deezer, Spotify & SoundCloud. The YouTube Music apps are rolling out within the next days on Android and iOS on every official App Store.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music announced back in 2015

The first announcement was from 2015, to that time the service was limited and had no app, this changed over the past years and now it’s hitting the mass very soon. It’s unclear right now how YouTube solved the copyright issue.

Since the entire Music program relays in ads you might want to checkout YouTube Red in order to listen to ads-free music.

Apps including Ads

YouTube Music is basically a music streaming website and app available for iOS and Android it’s YouTube’s app and website for music and music videos only. The official app is free but contains ads, but there is an advertisement-free version with more features through YouTube Red for a monthly fee right now.

Right now, the apps are only available in United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico  and South Korea. But you can eg. on Android download it via or on iOS simply use a proxy/vpn and choose the mentioned regions in order to receive the app.

Download programs and apps are expected

I think it’s a matter of time until someone codes a program to download the songs directly to your device, as for now there is no such app available.

Final Words

I think YouTube Music, once it’s launched for the mass could be a thing, lot’s of people anyway spending their free time already on YouTube and if you affine to Music you might give the ‘new’ platform a try. I’m not sure if I’m going to switch from Spotify anytime soon since their database is really big and I like what they have to offer. From what I can see the YouTube Music platform however, is a real alternative since it will definitely grow over the next years but on the other hand people are still uploading the Music clips directly on YouTube. Time will tell us if people are going to accept the platform or not. blink

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Bold move. I hope spotify holds it’s ground. Google is a behemoth and I’d never like to give them more data about myself. But when they move into a sector they usually become the most dominant there. I’m hoping they won’t succeed in music.

Can’t a company just stay where they are and be happy with their current situation?



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