Linux Security

Tails 3.6 is out

Tails is a live operating system that aims to preserve your privacy and anonymity. It helps you to use the Internet anonymously and circumvent censorship almost anywhere you go and on any computer but leaving no trace unless you ask it to explicitly. The new release brings several fixes and improvements regarding to the community reported problems.



The official changelog can be found here. The next Tails version 3.7 is scheduled for May 8.

New features

You can now lock your screen by clicking on the  button in the system menu.

System menu

  • If you set up an administration password when starting Tails, you can unlock your screen with your administration password.
  • Otherwise, you can set up a password to unlock your screen when locking your screen for the first time.Set a password to unlock your screen
  • Tails improved a their own backend regarding to the Additional Software persistence feature.
  • Your additional software is now:
    • Installed in the background after the session starts instead of blocking the opening of the desktop.
    • Always installed even if you are offline.
  • Install pdf-redact-tools, a command line tool to clean metadata and redact PDF files by converting them to PNG images.
  • An error message indicating the name of the graphics card is now displayed when Tails fails to start GNOME.

Upgrades and changes

  • The Tails documentation launcher on the desktop now opens the documentation on our website if you are online.
  • Install drivers for the Video Acceleration API to improve the display of videos on many graphics cards.
  • Upgrade Electrum from 2.7.9 to 3.0.6.
  • Upgrade Linux to 4.15.0.
  • Upgrade Tor to
  • Upgrade Thunderbird 52.6.0.We also activated the AppArmor profile of Thunderbird from Debian to confineThunderbird for security.
  • Rewrite some internal scripts from shell scripting to Python, thanks to GoodCrypto.

Fixed problems

  • Remove the display of debug and error messages when starting.
  • Fix the ISO image selection being unavailable in Tails Installer in languages other than English. (#15233)
  • Fix OpenPGP Applet being unresponsive when decrypting a lot of text. (#6398)

For more details read the full changelog.

Known issues

  • Enigmail is unable to download OpenPGP keys for new contacts if you have theGnuPG persistence feature activated. You can still download OpenPGP keys using Passwords and Keys. (#15395)
  • This release is not reproducible, due to various python files in /usr/local having different timestamps. (#15400)

See the list of long-standing issues.


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