Google is going to shutdown

Google is going to end the search domain, which means you’re not able to search with this domain anymore after the April 30, 2018. According to Google the change will be made because every modern Browser automatically connecting (by default) to the secure URL.

The URL will no longer work after the April 30,2018.

Why the change?

Google created to give users a way to securely search the internet. Now, all Google products and most newer browsers, like Chrome, automatically use HTTPS connections.


Google basically is saying here that the default search is already encrypted (which is true) and because the fact that every modern browser supports HTTPS there is no need for a specific URL/Domain.

The online search was already since years protected by HTTPS exactly the same way like the problem here was that several outdated pages still tried to connect to the search via HTTP, this is however already fixed in all Browser.

No reasons to worry

Before someone is going to start conspiracy theories, the encryption level was always the same and there was no differences except the URL.


Google, Bing & Yahoo – all of the major search engines track your search history and build profiles on you, serving different results based on your search history. Try one of these alternative search engines if you’re tired of being tracked.

Closing Words

Google changes something and everyone is freaking out, nope – not this time stay calm and keep going I say. The search which are done here is pretty much okay because the default URL is already encrypted since years, if you get redirected ensure you check your Browser and on which version you are.

Addons like HTTPS-Everywhere are dying because every modern page has HTTPS anyway because certificates are cheap and it’s not difficult to ‘convert’ your page into HTTPS. For us as user this change is good because we’re getting overall a better Internet which now tries more and more to get rid of the old stuff – If you ask me we need to do such changes more faster to ensure that even the last user is protected against the known HTTP problems.