Coffee Lake Dual- & Quad-Core CPU’s getting U0-Stepping via BIOS update

Asus and ASRock releasing new BIOS updates (including Spectre fix) which including a new U0-stepping for Coffee Lake CPU’s. Until now Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake CPU’s were identical, they both had the B0 stepping – this is going to change now. In fact until the stepping change the Coffee Lake CPU’s are only re-labeled Kaby Lake CPU’s because everything else is identical.


The change from B0 to U0

ASRock already talked about the new stepping, according to them, the new BIOS update should roll out over the next view days (already available on btw).

Asus U0 stepping
First ASRock now Asus, the new stepping made it’s way into the upcoming BIOS updates.

According to this paper here this new stepping change means that we see DDR4-2666 support for the Coffee Lake processors. There is no other change except this. Every mid-range CPU (Dual-/Quad-Core) with the ID 085 & 090 are affected by this change.