AMD Desktop and Mobile roll-out schedule for 2018

AMD released their roll out schedule for 2018, which affects Desktop systems and mobile systems. There is nothing much to show here since the changes to the new Ryzen CPU’s and are marginal, some boosts here and small improvements there.

Ryzen 2018 Roll-Out. Picture Source: AMD

Since the pictures speaking for itself I add my own thoughts on this article – so have mercy with me.

What do I think about it?

I rather wish they would have released their CPUs a bit earlier maybe at the beginning of this year but it will be interesting to see what Ryzen+ brings in terms of IPC and overclocking performance.

I’m getting close to needing to rebuild my streaming server PC and Ryzen+ may be a good choice. Threadripper+ over the long turn seems the way to go here but on one hand I really wish that it launches as soon as possible and that both Ryzen and Threadripper 2nd generations have better per-core performance – speed and OCing wise. I do worry that unless there’s a significant boost, that it may not be worth it to invest such a high price for only midding upgrades in comparison to the previous generation. Another problem is that the RAM prices, together with the GPU prices are going to explode right now and it’s really the worst time to upgrade your rig.

Pitcure Source: AMD

It would really behoove AMD to push all of these things out as absolutely fast as possible barring any serious issues, because though I really want to support AMD 2018 offering a year of minor improvements at best on the CPU side and NO higher end GPUs thus falling even farther behind – theoretically they could reclaim a lot of GPU sales if they could push out a Vega 2.0 refresh with better thermal efficiency and increased VRAM, sell for existing or lower MSRPs . I really do want the best for AMD and hope Zen+ offers gains on the desktop CPU side and they have some plans for GPUs rather otherwise they will not compete against Nvidia.

Final Words

A bad year for upgrading your rig, as already mentioned but sometimes you can’t wait any longer and you have to deal with the problems. Hopefully the market will relax a little bit for 2019 but I really do have mixed feelings about it because the crypto-mining discussion is slowly ongoing and the government is acting really slowly here too.

AMD could gain several sector, especially in government environments, Ryzen Pro is specifically for Gov. & Enterprise needs where systems are on extremely tight specification and durability standards but the thing is that the VEGA question is still not fully answered and the especially gamers are once again more or less forced to go with Nvidia because there not really alternatives price/peformance/watt wise spoken.

To stay on the topic, th charts looking not bad for those who are in the position to effort it right now and the upgarde for Ryzen makes here and there sense, let’s hope the driver issue are from the beginning better handled than with the first Ryzen generation, the OS and AMD needs to response to the needed changes a bit more quicklier in my opinion.