Mozilla Lightning 5.4

Good news from Mozilla, the Lighting calendar which you can fully integrate into Mozilla Thunderbird or Seamonkey got an update and is now available and downloadable in version 5.4. The work on version 6.x are already ongoing.

Mozilla Lightning

Changes in v5.4

A full changelog can be found here, and the extension is as always available here. The client for Windows, Linux and Mac is available here. Basically the new version fixes incompatibility issues with newer Thunderbird versions among some cosmetic and bugfix changes.

The software was already released in english only last year but finally got released released as international setup today.

Thunderbird 52 support

The addon and the client now fully supports the Thunderbird 52.+ release and the crashes which were caused by incompatibility reasons are fixed.

Some smaller changes were made which also correct some time/data related issue in case another character set was set compared from the ones you set within the operating system.

Final Words

Even if the changes are only bugfix related it’s a good news for those people which using Lightning and Mozilla seems to continue the development which is a good thing because there only a handful alternatives.

The program Lightning is clean, quickly downloaded, open source and gets still support by Mozilla and the community, that’s what I like to see and love. Of course you could these days work with other online calendars but the alternative is not bad and you can work offline with it which is definitely a plus because your data should be always yours alone.

If you use Thunderbird or simply search for a good calendar, go ahead check it out tell me what you think.