Firefox 59 gets Screenshots Tool Improvements

Oh boy, there we go again I can’t say nothing good about Mozilla’s latest ‘improvements’ in fact Firefox integrates more gimmicks than every other browser and calls it ‘improvement’ – when Microsoft does it most people immediately call it bloatware aka Cortana. But back to the topic, Mozilla decided that the integrated Screenshot function should gets an image editing function to avoid installing another extension and to add requested features.

Firefox 59

People want a secure Browser, not gimmicks!

Most people argue these days that they want a spying free Browser which is fast, display and play their favorite audio and video tools and that’s it. Sadly Firefox 59 gets another gimmick which tries to imitate (once again) some other add-ons or Opera’s own screenshot function, the screenshot capturing also gets an editor to make it ‘easy’ for beginners to cut screenshots. The function was already tested in the test pilot Firefox versions and now hits the nightly builds until it finally gets integrated into the stable 59 build.


Crop, Pen, Highlighter, Color Picker and Clear are the new functions.

That said, these basic functions are pretty much self explaining, the Clear button undo all the changes and the Color Picker can select up to nine different colors. The rest is like every other tool or addon exactly the same.

Btw what is wrong with the old ‘print’ + strg (crtl) +v method into mspaint? No tools or addons required at all, but yeah sometimes something is so easy that making it more complicated solves ‘needs’ which no one really needs, but according to Mozilla over 60 Million people using screenshot tools/extensions/functions.

Firefox 59 with new promising privacy related changes


I think the more interesting change in Firefox 59 are the new anti-fingerprinting and privacy browsing module changes. Firefox 59 will offer users more control over their private data by preventing websites from detecting what webpages you previously visited. The final release of Firefox 59 is scheduled for mid March or in other words very soon.

The referrer value may sometimes here and there reveal sensitive information. To prevent this type of privacy breach, Firefox 59 will delete path information from referrer values sent to third parties when users enable the private browsing mode. This will be optional tweakable via a separate option since it’s not activated by default.

Is Firefox more and more filled with bloatware?

More and more tools integrated which might only a handful people really using on a regular basis because the OS already provides screenshot/photo editing  programs which opens the questions why Mozilla adds more and more things into the Browser? There is no answer here given from Mozilla. I think the better choice here is to let people decide what they really need, provide a secure browser and the rest can be done with extensions.

If Firefox gets something integrated then please not only rudimentary functions like this. Otherwise I see no benefit to use them at all.

More integrated things means more time to remove them

Power users don’t like integrated things like this because it costs more time to remove the gimmicks they don’t need and Mozilla won’t offer an quick solution for this, it’s easier here to work with about:config to configure the things you won’t need rather than trying to remove the functions.

Chrome less bloatware than Firefox

Chrome is more popular than Firefox not because it’s from Google, the fact that Google has less bloatware and is more focused on the Browser experience (whatever that exactly means) attract a lot of people and I sadly need to agree with. Most people I know want to Browse the web, check their emails play YouTube videos and play their favourite files within the Browser. They simply don’t need other things and they want a ‘clean’ Browser.

Sadly none of these Browser are fully free of everything but at least the community provides unofficial forks which are regularly updated without the ‘extra’ stuff one example for Chrome is Chromium and on Firefox side Waterfox you can try them if you like it ‘simple’.

Final Words

eMail function including encryption? Nope! h4CvlGL

But hey we get a screenshot function improvements which are pointless because it only includes rudimentary functions and every other tool is better than this, but okay let’s waste development power for this and piss off power users like me.

However, some people might like the change and appreciate what Mozilla does here but I’m sure my readers are not amused by adding another function like this into the Browser (Hello it’s called Browser! … does this rings a bell?). Whatever I take it, try to find new ways to remove it or recommend other projects which compiling builds without it.

Did Firefox lost my trust?! Yup. Did I gave up, nope! But I like see things more critical now and that’s not a rant it’s my opinion. Sadly I need to spent more and more time trying to undo the changes, which is pretty annoying and the reason why this article is so critical. cry-baby