Personal Software Inspector (PSI) end of life

PSI? Ah that was the solution which took forever to load to display which software is up2date or not, well PSI seems to drop their Personal Software Inspector solution on 20. April 2018 which means you that the program will no longer be maintained or supported.

Personal Software Inspector

PSI was a shitty program

You guys know me I always say what I think and PSI was BS – I only can say it this way – and I’m not sad that there closing. I reported like several times problems with the loading process among coding flaws which never got fixed and this makes my goodbye kind of rude but it could have been a good solution when they would have listened to their own community. It’s not a personal thing I mean I know you can’t just always listen to everything but these kind of problem were so obvious and critical.

PSI says ‘don’t use another program, update manually’

For users looking to continue to keep their PCs safe, we suggest to use software best practices:

  • Turn on automatic updating of all software that support it (e.g. Windows, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, iTunes, Quicktime).
  • Always manually run updates on those applications that don’t update automatically.
  • Remember to restart your computers for changes to take effect.
  • Uninstall software that’s not in use, and search for updates for software you maintain.


Basically the guys saying that you should update the programs like you really should do it – without any programs – which is strange, isn’t it?!

It should be mentioned that PSI still will continue to support the professional section which means there offering solutions for business customers.


  • Manually update your programs, or via automatic updater or RSS-Feed
  • Use SUMo (which I loved over the years, which informs you about updates)
  • Patch My PC (untested by me, review will follow)

I only recommend these two methods because security reasons and other so called software solutions which trying to update your installed software mostly only spying on you and at the end there not updating anything there only showing that there is an update available. This already can be handled via SUMo much better and faster in a really small utility size, the program is really cheap (pro version but you can use it for free) and is often offered in a sale, the developer is always friendly and really quick in fixing the reported things – that’s what I like and respect in SUMo and it’s development!

Final Words

Next Please!