AdGuard’s new ISO OneClick compiler makes it easier to convert Windows UUP files

You’re searching for the latest Windows OS? Then check this out. AdGuard is not only a Ad-Blocking solution, the member adguard which is known from several forum has his own website with the same name – AdGuard offers everyone to download the latest Windows Builds for free.


New OneClick ISO compiler

Before AdGuard released a new OneClick ISO compiler solution people had to manually download a little program to decrypt the UUP (Unified Update Platform) file, this has now changed so you’re select which UUP / Windows Build you want, download it and the integrated ‘creatingISO.cmd’ automatically converts Windows to the ISO file, which can be burned or extracted to a USB drive to install Microsoft Windows OS.


Clicking the ‘creatingISO.cmd’ file will open a command prompt window which shows the converting process. The converting process is now a lot of easier because you don’t have to search for the correct converter tool anymore, all you need is integrated within one single download.


Good move and it gets now easier for you to download the latest Build, all what you need is integrated and you won’t need to spent your time on searching for the correct converter utility anymore.

Keep in mind that this project is depending and stays and falls with donations, so if you regularly download something from the page you might should consider to support the project8N3udPP

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I’ve heard that the OneClick solution also gets an update to address this, Usually when the UUP file is corrupted the cmd stops the process with an error but there is no check after the process is done, that’s on their todo list.


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