Sony released final Playstation 4 5.50 Firmware

Sony finally released the new 5.50 firmware, which was tested over several weeks, then rolled out as beta for everyone and now got the approval to revive as update for everyone.

Sony Playstation 4
Picture Source: Sony

What’s new?

Version 5.50 is a mandatory update and is around 460 MB big and it brings new organizational features, additional parental controls, and a new supersampling option for your PS 4 Pro.

Quick Overview

  • Custom wallpapers via USB
  • Delete Notifications
  • Play Time Managment + Parental controls improvements
  • PSVR Support Icon
  • System-wide PS4 Pro supersampling
  • Remove items from your Library
  • Main menu quick flick

Detailed Overview

  • Custom wallpapers – Drop your image of choice into a folder called “IMAGES” on a USB stick, then apply them under Settings > Themes on your PS4.
  • Notifications – Remove old notifications quickly via the Options menu under Notifications.
  • Play Time Management – Accessible on the PS4 via Settings > Family management, as well as through a remote website, parents can now make sure their nightmarish children aren’t playing too much Fortnite.
  • PSVR Support Icon – A little icon will tell you if the game supports PSVR or not.
  • Library Improvements – ‘This PS4’ section in the Library lets you just browse what’s installed on the console, and you can now browse a dedicated PlayStation Plus section featuring all of your PS+ IGC games. You can also hide those old betas and demos from the Purchased section.
  • Quick Menu – Access your custom friends list directly, and use new quick controls to adjust volume and music playback from Spotify and the Media Player or USB Music Player.
  • Tournament improvements – Import a team logo from USB, schedule events from the tournament page, and filter between events.
  • Supersampling Mode for PS4 Pro – When playing on a 1080p screen with your PS4 Pro and an enhanced the game – you can now force the console to render at 2160p and supersample down, even when games do not natively do this.


Backwards compatibility is the only area where Microsoft is ahead of Sony and this wasn’t changed in this update. But the good thing is that this updates makes a positive step forward in the rest of the mentioned features – The library improvements alone make the update worth it for me and it’s always good to see a big update with lots of new features because that makes the update(s) interesting.

Happy gaming!