Castle Peak, Vermeer & Renoir via TR4/AM4 socket shown in the latest AMD Roadmap

AMD released a new Roadmap which shows codenames of upcoming Zen2 and Zen3 processors. From the first look it seems that 2nd Generation Ryzen Threadripper  will be succeeded next year by Castle Peak architecture, based on Zen2.

Picture Source: AMD via Informatica Cero


What to expect until 2020?

The codenames Matisse and Picasso were already leaked a few months ago, Vermeer and Renoir are the interesting new ones, besides this the name scheme wasn’t changed. Ryzen 2000 which is better known under the codenamed Pinnacle Ridge will be succeeded by Matisse next year (based on Zen2 [not as some people expected Zen+!)) and there getting replaced by Vermeer (based on Zen3 which will be released according to the roadmap in 2020.

AMD Roadmap 2020
Raven Ridge APUs are to be succeeded by Picasso and Renoir, based on Zen2 and Zen3. Picture Source: AMD via Informatica Cero

Pinnacle Ridge lineup is to feature only with four SKUs. Rumours previously said that there maybe six, but this seems to be wrong. because there will be no Ryzen 7 2800X. Theoretically more SKU’s are still possible but there not been expected before 2020 or only if Intel might adds a ‘answer’ to this new lineup.

CES 2018
Picture Source: CES 2018

It’s unclear if Zen 3 is Zen 2+, the picture is from the CES 2018 the logic behind could be Zen is 14nm, Zen+ is 14nm+ (12nm), Zen2 is 7nm, Zen3 is 7nm+ which is overall then nothing but an improved version (‘remake’) of Zen 2+. It’s guessing at this point because there wasn’t an statement given or any details leaked about Zen 3.

No Zen+ APU’s but it’s not needed anyway

Raven Ridge has the IMC and Cache upgrades from Pinnacle, which means an ‘upgrade’ is not making any sense because the benefit would be almost not present or the costs would not reflect and qualify such an APU.

HBM2 or not?

HBM2 seems to be off the table, including a single HBM2 stack would be very difficult to fit inside an SP3/TR4 footprint, HMB1 stacks would be small enough to fit though.

Final Words

Once again AMD did a good job, I like that the socket stays and that people have all the options they need to decide to upgrade or not. There some open questions like what’s about Zen 3 and what else we can expect – are there new SKU’s coming or not?!

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